Rogers launch the LG VU in Canada

Rogers have announced too this morning the launch of the Lg VU in Canada early in May 2008. The LG Vu is a touch screen device with a nice big screen for use a full HTML browsing. This device include too a 2 mega pixels camera and support HSPA network of Rogers. This device work too with Vision Plan like Video on request, Radio on request, Mobile Tv and Rogers Music Store.

"As the leading wireless carrier in the country, Rogers Wireless prides itself on offering our customers the latest innovations and best selection of handsets," said John Boynton, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Wireless. "The perfect mix of design and technology powered by our 3G high-speed network, makes the LG VU a truly formidable device for gadget enthusiasts and style lovers alike."


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  • diesel Reply

    If your in Canada don't buy this phone. this phone sux big time specially hands free speaker phone. touch screen system is not as smooth as the other touch screen phones. even if you want to use other feature of the phone while you are talking, you cant. its just some limited features that you can use. if any body is thinking of buying this phone from Rogers please dont. just ask others who already have this phone. dont go for online reviews, they are nothing more then puplicity scams. Trust me

    2008-09-26 12:30:39
    Archaon Reply

    In response to diesel, I have this phone and i like it very much. The vibration response is a very useful feature to acknowledge a touch command, and unlike what diesel says, the speakerphone is actually very clear. Also, when i'm talking on the phone, is it really necessary to browse the web, or play games while talking to some one? the fact that the phone doesnt have that feature is not a reason to avoid this phone. It's sleak, lightweight, has great reception and is clear on the receiving and sending end of a phone call. I'd give it a 4.5 on 5, just one slight problem is when you're talking to someone with the volume on max, people around you might be able to hear what the person on the other end of the phone is saying and if you lower the volume you might have trouble hearing you. This is a rare case and it has only happened to me when I was in a very quiet environment.

    2008-10-13 17:20:45
    Paul L Reply

    How can I unlock a brand new LG VU locked to ATT for use on Rogers pay as you go, without accessing the 15 digit code #60#? my phone is locked on Emergency 3 digits only.

    2008-12-31 21:45:34

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