Rogers, Bell, and telus dealers have received Micro SIM cards

Throughout the last week, we've reported both Rogers and Bell released details on iPad data plans, as well as some telus retail locations receiving Micro SIM cards. As of today, Rogers and Bell have both started stocking the new, smaller version of SIM cards as well, just in time for tomorrow's Apple iPad launch.

So far, Rogers and Bell's iPad data packages mirror each other, with each carrier offering the same two options. They are offering 250MB for $15, or a larger option at $35 for 5GB, though no plans to release an unlimited plan have been released as of yet. telus has not provided any details on their iPad-specific data packages, though consumers should expect very similar options to Rogers/Bell.

With retail locations stocking up on Micro SIM cards now, Canadians who purchase the iPad on launch date should have all 3 carriers to choose from for their 3G service.


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