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Here is the HTC Shift X9501 of Rogers, a device very difficult to describe in one sentence. We can say that the HTC Shift X9501 of Rogers is a UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC). The computer is running Windows Vista Business and can also operate in a very streamlined version of Windows Mobile, appointed SnapVue. The screen, of course touch is very good and the keyboard is very well designed. The HTC Shift X9501 of Rogers does not call, but rather uses the SIM card to provide internet 3G provided in Windows Vista as Windows Mobile and thus enable push mail on Windows Mobile. It is still expensive camera as if you buy at Rogers but it is still affordable at no contract.

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The HTC Shift X9501 of Rogers is an incredible device with a lot of option and function. I think particularly at Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth 2.0, a full QWERTY keyboard, fingerprint reader, 3G connection and a VGA webcam. The HTC Shift X9501 of Rogers have 2 operating system, Windows Vista Business and SnapVUE (a little Windows Mobile for receive push mail). Thanks to for permit us to review this incredible device.


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It's today, after have launch the HTC Shift officially, Rogers have put the LG VU Tu915 on her website who have announced few month ago by LG, when they launch Touch publicity campaign in Canada, in the same time of LG Vantage of Bell and the LG Venus of Telus. The LG Vu Tu915 is a good device and LG want a competition with the iPhone. This device is sale for 279$ with a 3 years agreement, 329$ with 2 years, 379$ with 1 years or 429$ without any contract with Rogers.


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After the LG announcement of last week with Rogers and Telus, one device are announced without operator. Rogers have announced the LG VU and Telus the LG Venus. But the LG Vantage, very similar to LG Shine of Rogers, have no operator announced. We have make few search and asked at Bell employees and we have know the LG Avantage are launched by Bell Mobility in few weeks.


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LG have created a small website for the three new devices, announced last week by Telus and Rogers. The LG Venus, LG Vantage and the LG VU are show in Flash animation and much information about specification about this three new device maybe launch in few weeks. Just click on the image?


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Rogers have announced too this morning the launch of the Lg VU in Canada early in May 2008. The LG Vu is a touch screen device with a nice big screen for use a full HTML browsing. This device include too a 2 mega pixels camera and support HSPA network of Rogers. This device work too with Vision Plan like Video on request, Radio on request, Mobile Tv and Rogers Music Store.

"As the leading wireless carrier in the country, Rogers Wireless prides itself on offering our customers the latest innovations and best selection of handsets," said John Boynton, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Wireless. "The perfect mix of design and technology powered by our 3G high-speed network, makes the LG VU a truly formidable device for gadget enthusiasts and style lovers alike."


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Sony Canada has just announced the availability on its Canadian on-line store of its new system of portable navigation. It is indeed about a very interesting seen product all its multimedia functions (offices). It works under a processor Intel of 300 MHz and with a chip GPS SiRF Star III. A map of North America is supplied with the device on the internet memory of 2 gig also include in Sony NVU73T. It is also possible to add some memory the reader Memory Stick Duo. The device is available in three languages, the English, the French and the Spanish. The screen is of a dimension of 4.3 inches and is obviously tactile.


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Samsung announced that within the framework of its partnership with Helio, Helio would offer to its customers Samsung Fin. IT is about another device of third generation offered at Helio. It has a numerical camera of 3 mega pixels which makes it possible to send its videos directly on its YouTube account. With HelioUp, software installed on the Samsung Fin, which makes it possible to use functions GPS, it is possible to register the place where the photo one was taken and of the direct envoy on Flikr. It is available for 175 $ after the postal reduction of 50 $.


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We informed you of the intention of Telus of its impetus in the pornography a few days ago. Since several reactions are made hear in discredit, obviously, of the decision of Telus. Raymond Roussin of the Catholic Church declared in Toronto Stars, that Telus was caught some once again, with the vulnerable people and that Telus encourages people used the pornography on Internet with his attitude. In addition to these declarations, M.Roussin required of all the Catholic Churches which make deal with Telus not to renew their contract. The spokesman of Telus, Jim Johannsson, answered that even with all the respect which it has as a Mr. Roussin Telus does not have any control and which Telus follows the reality of today. Another Institution, Meritas Mutual Fund as affirmed its disappointment of Telus by declaring perhaps as Telus did not include/understand the impacts on its reputation. Is such an amount of history for pornographic films, there a difference between a video clip of Britney Spears and a pornographic Film? With you to judge?

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A little comic or (a great programmer) to find a flaw in the Sony frimware to install former frimwares or frimwares homemade (homebrew). The frimwares covered by this vulnerability are 2.0, 2.01, 2.50, 2.60, 2.70, 2.71 and 2.80.

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