Bell will offer the LG Vantage in few weeks.

After the LG announcement of last week with Rogers and telus, one device are announced without operator. Rogers have announced the LG VU and telus the LG Venus. But the LG Vantage, very similar to LG Shine of Rogers, have no operator announced. We have make few search and asked at Bell employees and we have know the LG Avantage are launched by Bell Mobility in few weeks.


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  • Abdul Reply

    if Bell Company and telus change there DAM cell phone by using SIM card like roger and fido they will get alot more custmoer then any other company cellphone with SIM card has tons of styles and and alot of features beutifull collection phones and you can use it all of the world DAM with Bell and TELULS I stuck with Dam Bell for 3 years contract pis me off alot.

    2009-01-08 00:56:54

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