Group Yellow Page soon in your cellular, except in Quebec

Yellow the Page group has just announced the availability of a new service to the size from Canada, but not for Quebec. The service created by a small company of Calgary will enable you to make a vocal request to obtain information usually available on paper. According to the spokesman of this company, Call Genius, ?people's do not trainent the Jaunes pages on them or in their car?. Can be that it would have to be recalled that if you have Pocket PC or another apparatus related to Internet, this service quickly becomes superfluous and even useless. ?The rate of effectiveness is 70%. It is not yet enough so that one is at ease to offer it to Quebec?, affirms Marc Tellier, president and chief of the direction of Yellow Pages Group. Let us recall that the exactitude of the answers will not be inevitably with go because being given, the service is free for the users and that the advertisers which pay to more will be presented you in first.

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