UTStarcom announces the nearest exit of the AKU 3.3 for the PPC67

UTStarcom comes from advertisement the nearest availability of a new version of Windows Mobile for the PPC 6700 or at Verizon VX6700. No company, if it is not of Verizon, confirmed to offer to its customers the AKU 3.3 of Windows Mobile 5 (to note that UTStarcom sells the update to cellular operator). Bell Mobility and telus did not even condescend to answer, with our emails to know their opinion on the subject, perhaps which we will have of the news soon. For boldest there is a modified version of the AKU 3.3 for PPC6700, but it is with your risk and danger. Certain commentators affirm that UTStarcom proposes this update with an aim of avoiding the use of this ROMANIAN modified.

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