The LG 380 is now available from telus

telus has unveiled another cheap cellphone. This device designed by LG still vaguely resembles to the Chocolate, but with fewer options and a lot less interesting design. The LG 380 telus have a camera of 1.3 mega pixel and a Bluetooth stereo connxion. It can handle multiple services offer by telus by example : mobile radio, music mobile browser and Windows Live Messenger. The price is still very interesting with a contract of 3 year 29.99$ but without a contract it will cost you 249.99$.

UPDATE : telus have delete of her web site this cellphone but you can see on pictures.





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2 comments for "The LG 380 is now available from telus"

  • gilbert Reply

    does this phone utilizes a sim card technology.

    2008-03-13 08:53:11
    fred Reply

    No because this device run on the CDMA network...

    2008-03-13 09:08:44

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