Fido launches Samsung JACK and Motorola Q9H

After Rogers (owner of Fido) have launched the last Samsung Smartphone in Canada few weeks ago, it?s the time to Fido to offer this device. The Motorola Q9H is now offering to Fido?s customers. It?s the same devices of Rogers but with Fido logo and now Fido customer can have real PDA, because before this announce Fido offer only the Nokia E62 on Symbian, no device under Windows Mobile. I think many many Fido customer can be very happy today.


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3 comments for "Fido launches Samsung JACK and Motorola Q9H"

  • Justin Reply

    Will fido use the gps already installed system on the samsung jack? And if so will it be free?

    2008-03-04 16:46:46
    Fred Reply

    it's not free and Fido use the internal GPS of the Samsung or Moto Q9h but you need data connection, and it's this Fido charge, same with Rogers...I think they offer a plan for 10$ by mounth for GPS...

    2008-03-04 17:21:33
    lewandowski Reply

    r?inisialis? le samsung Jack i616

    2008-08-22 23:36:09

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