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Just a few days ago, Research in Motion and Sprint in the U.S. officially announced the BlackBerry Style 9670 - a CDMA flip phone that offers up a full QWERTY keyboard, and shortly afterwards Telus confirmed that they too, would carry the device. While no official availability or pricing has been announced, it's rumoured that they will be launching the device sometime within the first few days of November. The BlackBerry Style will launch running BlackBerry 6 OS, and features an external display for your clock and notifications, along with a standard internal display. Also featuring a 5MP camera with video capture capabilities, the Style 9670 comes with 512MB of RAM and has storage expandable up to 32GB via microSD. While the design of this new device definitely brings some back to a few years ago, it's certainly nice to see an array of options coming to Canadian mobile consumers!


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Telus will offer a new Mike device but this time it?s a Smartphone. Sprint has already release this device but Telus will release the Mike BlackBerry 8350i very soon. This Mike Smartphone includes an iDEN connection with WiFi capability, a built-in GPS is also included and if he will be offer with or without a 2 megapixel camera. No exactly date or price for the moment but we work on that.


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Samsung Canada has announced the available of the Samsung Instinct, an answer of Samsung to the Apple iPhone. This device is developed with Sprint in USA for make competition to ATT iPhone. The Samsung SPH M800 are screen touch (who work also with a stylus), built-in GPS, 2.0 mega pixels and TV live and radio streaming capabilities. This device wil be sale next 8 august in Bell Mobility store. The Samsung Instinct will be available for as little as $149.95 on a three-year contract, $249.95 on a two-year contract or $399.95 on a one-year contract. Clients can buy the Samsung Instinct without a term contract for $449.95


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Sprint will launch BlackBerry Pearl to very soon let escape some information on future the Blackberry Pearl 2. It would have the same design, but would have a camera of 2.0 megas pixels. It should be available by the end of the year as indicate it the rumour which announces to it Blackberry Pearl 2 at Telus.

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Sprint would prepare, according to rumours, to offer to its customers Palm Treo 800p so known under the name of code Gandolf and Centro. It would cost of them only 99.99 $ with a 2 year old contract at Sprint. This Palm will not be an evolution of Treo 750, but it would be rather conceived for the young people and will be simpler to control.

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Several rumours circulate on the forums, which treat mobile technologies, with the effect that Telus would be on the point of offering the HTC Iris and the HTC Polaris has its customers. For a few months Telus has offered already signed devices HTC, and it would seem that the sales are enough surprising and Telus would like to offer some more. The HTC Iris is the successor, but nevertheless rather different, of the HTC s610 which is already offered at Rogers. According to information's which circulates, P3050 would be the HTC Polaris which will be offered, that some time before the HTC S640 which will be him available to September. Verizon and Sprint which launches the Motor bike Q one also can wonders whether Telus will offer the Moto Q9m has its customers. Here the HTC Iris:


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Sprint does it; the company has just launched the program called XOHM which will offer a Wifi connection on most of the territory of the United States. The network of fourth generation should join 100 million Americans by the end of 2008 and 125 million from here the end 2010. The fixed price XOHM, which will be available towards the end 2007 in Washington, Chicago and Baltimore, should be available in a broader measurement at the beginning of year 2008.

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Sprint published its financial results made share that it counted from now on 54 million subscribers in the United States. On the other hand, Sprint announces an important fall of its profits which fall of 291 million to 19 million for the last quarter. Several factors did not contribute to this fall of profit, but the CEO of Sprint, Gary Foresee, nor that the iPhone of AT&T have no matter what that either to see with this fall of profit. The income related to the transfer of data on the mobiles devices increased by 40%.

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Sprint has just announced that Sanyo Katana 2, so known under the name of code SCP-6650, will be now available to the sale in stores. It is available three colors is the dark black, it pink and blue harms. It is also equipped with a connection Bluetooth 2.0 which makes it possible to use several accessories.


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Sprint announced its will to market Tablet Internet N800 of Nokia with a card without wire of 4th generation, WiMax. N800 of Nokia contains only one connection Wifi and a Bluetooth connection which makes it possible to use a cellular connection when no Wifi connection is available carried. It contains also a swiveling camera which makes it possible to be used like webcam and is sold approximately 400 $ American. Sprint which has started for several months created its WiMax network. It would like to use this Tablet Internet in order to convince to use its WiMax network.

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