LG launches Smartphone 4G to South Korea

LG and Marvell, which repurchased the mobile division of the processors of Intel XScale, jointly announced a device under Windows Mobile available only in South Korea. It will use so known processor PA320 under the name of Monahans code. It will use the mobile network of 4th WiBro generation and technology Digital Multimedia Brodcasting (DMB) for mobile numerical television. No date of launching specifies was announced thus that no price.


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  • k Reply

    what kinda features of benefits would I have by purchasing an unlocked phone? I'm not with Rogers yet even, I'm probably gonna buy out my Bell/Blackberry 8830 contract, and jump ship tho, as everything else i have is pretty much apple related. any other suggestions? i have looked down the route of buying a phone on through a usa carrier but half of them wont let me and the other half said my bills would be too much Thanks Karl

    2008-07-11 11:39:30

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