It'sa go for news ...

Today opens the 3GSM in Barcelona. The 3GSM is the biggest mobile phone in the world. Several new "exotic", ie devices that will probably never do in Canada. Although we are not there we will be there to help you discover the latest news straight out of the 3GSM.

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3 comments for "It'sa go for news ..."

  • Julie Reply

    A HTC represent say nothing before April for the TyTn II in Canada...

    2008-01-01 09:16:52
    Jim Reply

    Can anyone else confirm the April date? I've really been waiting for this phone.

    2008-01-14 03:12:29
    alex Reply

    It's only a rumor and anyone can confirm a date. The last information about this phone is about Rogers have too buy the HTC TyTn 1 and want sale all device before offer the TyTn 2. But with the rumor of Nokia N95 at Rogers maybe TyTn 2 come more speedy.

    2008-01-16 14:40:10

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