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All owner of Telus HTC Touch Pro can now download the Telus navigator. This GPS software was not available with HTC Touch Pro, unlike is write on Telus web site and Telus HTC Touch Pro documentation. It?s a very good thing for Telus HTC Touch Pro now with GPS function. This story is a good story unlike Rogers HTC Shift X9501 again without any GPS driver.

Telus Navigator for HTC Touch Pro


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Here the 3 Web sites which you must consult if you are owner of a Blackberry, Pocket PC or Palm. Each company produced its patch to cure the new advanced instructions of the hour of summer.


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The American and Canadian congresses voted last year a change at the date to move back and advance the hour. The apparatuses Windows Mobile 2003. 2003 second edition and Windows Mobile 5 which live in Canada in the United States and Mexico must bring the corrective measures with the files proposed by Microsoft to adjust your apparatuses. More information on the site of Microsoft.

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The site Smartphone Thoughts announces to us that Lenovo has just left 2 apparatuses under Windows Mobile. The first seems to be Pocket PC and the second SmartPhone (without touch screen). But no other information is available at present. Second A of the airs of ThinkPad, one will remember that Lenovo had repurchased the line of micro-computer of IBM.


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Kaspersky Lab has announced the offciel out of its anti-virus software for the devices running WindowsMobile 2000/20002/20003, the Palm OS 3 to 5 and smartphones running Windows Mobile 2002/2003. Still quite rare especially in Canada, viruses for mobile devices could soon take the expention. This software checks for viruses and offers the syncronisaton a module to make the saving of certain file. It is available for 15.95us in its version 5.5.

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