telus launches Blackberry 8830 after Bell mobility

One day after Bell mobility announced that Blackberry 8830 was from now on (finally?) available, telus announces has its turn that Blackberry 8830 will be available on June 29, which is the same date as the launching of the iPhone in the United States. Blackberry 8830 was already posted on the Web site of telus and Bell mobility, but was not available for the sale. telus offers 50% of reduction for the duration of the contract chosen on the international transfer of data what is useful for those which travel much, but less for those which do not travel. Bell mobility for its part offers 3 months free of given with a 3 year old contract. It as should be recalled as Rogers offers the BlackBerry 8800 (which is only CDMA) for 500 $ after postal reductions while telus and Bell sell Blackberry 8830 (CDMA and GSM) for 299 $ with a contract of 3 year .



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