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Microsoft recently held a Windows Phone preview event, meant to show off some of the new updates coming to the platform. As expected, the topic of focus was Mango, the next OS version of Windows Phone. Apparently Mango will bring forward 500 new features to "push the boundaries of the smartphone experience around communications, apps, and the Internet."

One of the new features included will be "Threads", which will allow users to switch between text, Facebook chat, and Windows Live Messenger within the same conversation. It will also bring improvements to multi-tasking, make Live Tiles more dynamic and information-filled, feature Internet Explorer 9, and much more.

According to the press release, Windows Phone Mango will be available on new devices being shipped this fall, and while the update should coincide with that time frame, they state "update timing will be provided closer to availability." We'll be sure to let you know once more information is made available.


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Canadians who own any of the Desire series handsets have received good news recently, with an HTC spokesperson announcing that Android 2.3 Gingerbread would be coming for the devices sometime in Q2 of this year. The update, which will have to be reviewed by Bell and Telus internally before actually being pushed out, will be available for the Desire, Desire Z, and Desire HD. Hopefully the review process won't take long and the update will be available for users in a timely manner, but with carriers improving the speed at which new OS' are available as of late, we shouldn't see too much of a delay.


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The HTC S640 of Telus is a still quite old, but still offers several options very interesting. He has a Wi-Fi which makes it still interesting because it is the cheapest Smartphone sold at Telus now. Done in one piece unlike HTC s720 it did not break as easily and as it is not his touch screen is also very strong.

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Here is the HTC Shift X9501 of Rogers, a device very difficult to describe in one sentence. We can say that the HTC Shift X9501 of Rogers is a UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC). The computer is running Windows Vista Business and can also operate in a very streamlined version of Windows Mobile, appointed SnapVue. The screen, of course touch is very good and the keyboard is very well designed. The HTC Shift X9501 of Rogers does not call, but rather uses the SIM card to provide internet 3G provided in Windows Vista as Windows Mobile and thus enable push mail on Windows Mobile. It is still expensive camera as if you buy at Rogers but it is still affordable at no contract.

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The HTC Shift X9501 of Rogers is an incredible device with a lot of option and function. I think particularly at Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth 2.0, a full QWERTY keyboard, fingerprint reader, 3G connection and a VGA webcam. The HTC Shift X9501 of Rogers have 2 operating system, Windows Vista Business and SnapVUE (a little Windows Mobile for receive push mail). Thanks to for permit us to review this incredible device.


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Here is a device that is ideal for your car. He replaces your mirror self traditional for a much larger and has a very interesting feature. This is the Bluetooth system for the automobile more complete than I know who moved in less than 2 seconds. The Bluetooth car kit is not only a mirror, but has a screen in the mirror, which can display the name or the caller's number. For a very reasonable price compared to several other Bluetooth solutions. The Bluetooth car kit is extremely comprehensive.

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Here is the device which was sold a lot in the United States and which was not available here in Canada. Samsung JACK of Rogers and now also of Fido is the second version of BlackJack of Samsung. It works under Mobile Windows 6 Standard and possesses a very well conceived and easy keyboard used, it?s what made are successes in the South of the border. The knurl situated in the center of the device is also very well conceived.

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Here is what wanted to be the answer of HTC to the iPhone. Obviously, the HTC Touch does not replace the iPhone of Apple, but offer all the same some similar options with its screen adapted for the navigation with fingers. This is partially possible thanks to the tactile technology developed by HTC and who was named TouchFlo. For the rest, it is about a device of very good quality with most of the interesting options, but you should not forget to underline the absence of keyboard.

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Here is a very solid device with a keyboard, which is very discreet. One of the big advantages is to possess an integrated GPS. Done aluminum very light and very strong BlackBerry Pearl of Bell is a very practical and offered all the traditional functions of a BlackBerry, but with more options.

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After Rogers (owner of Fido) have launched the last Samsung Smartphone in Canada few weeks ago, it?s the time to Fido to offer this device. The Motorola Q9H is now offering to Fido?s customers. It?s the same devices of Rogers but with Fido logo and now Fido customer can have real PDA, because before this announce Fido offer only the Nokia E62 on Symbian, no device under Windows Mobile. I think many many Fido customer can be very happy today.


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