Videotron announces these results of 2006

Videotron, which is not as badly as its P.D.G. indicates it during the crisis of the bottom of Canadian television. For the year 2006, the wireless telegraphy part of Videotron recorded 12.000 subscribed. Far behind Bell Canada, Videotron put on the fact that it can offer 4 services (Internet, T?l?vision, T?l?phone IP and Cellular) to continue to increase the number of these customers with cellular Videotron. The network Videotron Sans-Fil is operated by Rogers. Videotron, Virgin and President Choice Mobile are, of the mobile operators vitruel, i.e. it uses an already existing network and sell the cellular ones under its own mark. Will know that cellular Videotron is among most expensive with Quebec if not expensive.

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