Virgin Mobile launches Samsung M510 and M300

Virgin Mobile Canada recently expands its range of cellular with 2 new devices manufactured by Samsung. These 2 devices that are not new: they were already available at Bell, but it's still very interesting 2 devices for Virgin Mobile. The M510 is priced at $ 199 without a contract and the M300 is on sale for $ 99. With these 2 new devices Virgin Mobile Canada, in August now offers different devices.



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2 comments for "Virgin Mobile launches Samsung M510 and M300"

  • midtoad Reply

    The most interesting thing about this phone is that it allows you to subscribe to Virgin's new UNLIMITED data plan for just $10/month. All the email and phone-browsing internet you can handle!

    2007-10-16 00:11:47
    Alex Reply

    Yes but this plan is just for WAp and dosent work if you want connect your cellphone via Bluetooth on a laptop...

    2007-10-16 07:53:47

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