telus will not offer an update for the PPC6700

telus does not intend to provide the update for the PPC6700 which will be soon available to the United States at Verizon. For the recall, the operators chose to offer or not to offer updates, it is not UTStarcom nor Microsoft which makes the decision. Surely that telus does not want to offer of update with an aim of selling of another telephone to be able to obtain Windows Mobile up to date. For those which envisage to buy the PPC6700 in Canada, to know that the version of Windows Mobile 5 AKU 2.2 idle much the apparatus at the same point as Windows Mobile 2003 SE. Moreover, version AKU 3.3 that telus refuses to offer has its customers as makes it possible to use a stereo helmet Bluetooth. MobileInCanada does not recommend to you to buy this apparatus, even if it is very interesting, because question software it is very disappointing and now to exceed.

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