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Fido announce yesterday the official launch of this new plan, named Fido UNO. This plan (same thing of Home Calling Zone of Rogers) combines cellular network with WiFi network for make call. When you are at home your device switch to WiFi for save your cellular minutes and use Internet for calling. When you go outside your home your device switch to GSM network even during a call. You need a cell phone compatible with UNO, a router compatible with Fido UNO, a Fido UNO plan and I good internet connection. (minim 512 Kbps). Fido say this plan permit to have one phone, outside and inside house but I dont really understand why. The only good thing a see it?s you can save on call you make at your home with your cellphone but I don?t think many people cancel landline for use Fido UNO. When you are at home it?s after work and it?s already unlimited on many plan. After that you have weekend when you don?t work and the weekend are too unlimited on many plan.More information






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A new device for Fido and it?s the Sony Ericsson Z750i. This device have nothing of spectacular but the front face is a mirror with a screen. It?s a 3G device with a 2 mega pixels camera and obviously a Bluetooth connection. The Sony Ericsson Z750i of Fido from with a 128 megs memory card (!!!). The price is high for a simple device like that. With a 3 years agreement the Sony Ericsson Z750i are 100$(when you subscribe to a Navigation plan) or 400$ without any contract.







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Aliant, a telecommuncaiton company based in Atlantic, have announced a new offer, for her customers. When you activate a Internet plan you can buy a Apple MacBook in the same time and pay this laptop in you Internet mouthy bill. Before that, Bell offer Dell laptop and HP laptop but with a big moutnhly bill and a 3 years agreement this offers are not vert good. This offer can be good for anyone have not computer and want beginning on Internet without complication with Internet and a computer.

"Today, we are proud and excited to be the first service provider to sell an Apple notebook with Internet service," said Heather Tulk, senior vice president of marketing for Aliant. "We've been helping Atlantic Canadians get online with the latest computers for over three years now. It's because of our customers' feedback that we're now offering this popular MacBook exclusively to Aliant Internet subscribers." The MacBook, with a 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 1 GB Memory and 120 GB hard drive is available now for Aliant Internet customers for as low as $47/month over 36 months.






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RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) will give for free a Asus Eee PC with all new activation of RBC account Signature. It?s not very simple and you have many condition but it?s can be good if you respect all condition.

To qualify for an Eee PC, individuals have from May 1, 2008 until September 12, 2008 to switch their non-RBC personal chequing account to an RBC Signature No Limit Banking account using RBC's CustomSwitch service. The account must be their main transaction account with one automatic payroll or pension deposit and two pre-authorized debits. RBC is also looking to encourage paper conservation, as customers making the account switch will also become an RBC online banking client, and pay at least one household bill online and receive electronic statements for their account records.






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Microsft have publish a press release for inform Canadian on her mp3 player are coming soon in Canada. The official date for buy a Zune device is the June 13 and May 6 for the launching or the Zune community at . The Microsoft Zune mp3 player will beavailable in 3 color like Black, Red and Pink. A Zune of 80Gig have a suggest retail price of 249.99$, 8Gig is 189.99$ and for the little 4 Gig the retail price are 139.99$.

- Zune 80. The Zune 80GB has a bright 3.2-inch screen, includes premium in-ear noise-isolating headphones and will be available in black and red. (SRP: $249.99 CDN)
- Zune 4 & Zune 8. The slim, ultra-portable Zune 4GB and Zune 8GB will both be available in black, red and pink. (SRP: $139.99 CDN for 4GB and $189.99 CDN for 8GB)
- Zune Originals. Canadians will have the option to purchase and customize their Zune player with personal text options and laser-engraved designs from international artists.







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Yesterday Rogers have release the the Nokia 6086 with Wifi for her ?Home Calling Zone? and today it?s Fido to release the Nokia 6301 for her UNO plan same thing of ?Home Calling Zone? but for Fido. It?s exactly the same device (with a better battery life) of Nokia 6300 but with Wifi. Fido offer a credit of 80$ on a Linksys Wifi router when you buy this device and activate a Fido UNO plan. The Nokia 6301 are available for 50$ with a 3 years agreement with Fido or 300$ without any contract.







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A new Samsung device are now available at Rogers it?s the Samsung A746.It?s a clamshell device. The Samsung A746 has a 2.0 mega pixels rotating camera for make video calling. It?s also compatible with Rogers Music Store. The Samsung A746 has a Bluetooth Stereo connection for use with Bluetooth headset for listen music. He is a quad band phone and also supports HSPA. The price with a 3 years agreement for 79.99$ (after 100$ invoce credit with select Vision Plan) or 179.99$ without contract.







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Rogers add the Nokia 5310 cell phone to her cell phone line-up. This device works with the Rogers Music Store and is exclusively available from Rogers Wireless. The Nokia 5130 have a 2.0 mega pixels camera and a Bluetooth connection. He support Micro-Sd card up to 4G and have a little internet 30megs of memory. The batteries of the Nokia 5130 can play music up to 20 hours.







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Sony Ericsson Canada has put the Z780a on their Canadian web site with little stars for Coming Soon. No date, no information about operator but many source say its Rogers will offer this device but no confirmation at this moment. It?s a very nice cell phone with a HSDPA connection, Bluetooth connection and are compatible with Active Sync for easy synchronisation with Microsoft Exchange. It?s seen to be in to color, Amethyst Silver or Grand Onyx. The Sony Ericsson Z780a has a 2.0 mega pixels camera.







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It?s not a big new but it?s a new phone offer by Rogers.This device is interesting because he have a Wifi connection for support Rogers Home Calling Zone service. The service lets you automatically connect to any wireless network to make, answer, and receive calls via Wi-Fi without taking up any of your plan?s minutes, plus it greatly enhances the phone?s reception. This deveice have also a VGA camera (???) and a Bluetooth connection. He are in sale at Rogers store for 169.99 without any contrat or 24.99$ with a 3 years agreement with Rogers.







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