Yahoo lost its president europe

The President of the European division of Yahoo has announced his departure in a dispatch from AFP. He left his job 2 months after his arrival at Yahoo. Note, he held senior positions at IBM, Toshiba Keelko and. Dominique Vidal resume the post, but without the title of president.



Apple immitis Napster

Apple has announced that it allows its customers to its online store i-Tunes, to pay the eBay via PayPal. eBay that PayPal wants to make money internet had already made similar agreements with a subsidiary of Roxio, Napster. Papal during the third quarter, trading 4.5 billion a year against 3 instead.



Yahoo launches new service

Yahoo just announced, after Google can be made the same kind of ad, it will launch its new local search service (hard drive). Other Lord weight online services such as Microsoft, AOL, Apple will soon make similar announcements.