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Some information?s published by The National Post inform us about pricing of new iPhone 3G plans. The Visual Voice mail and unlimited Internet for 30$ for customer data plan and 45$ for enterprise data plan. With that, you need add a regular voice plan but in fact the final bill by month for iPhone 3G of Rogers will be minimum 90$. For memory the iPhone of Rogers and Fido will be launch in Canada next 11 July.

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Information, provided by a CIBC internal note, T-Mobile want go outside Europe and United State for new market and CIBC think it?s a good idea for T-Mobile to come in Canada. T-Mobile already in USA don?t want buy an existing network but build a new 3G network have declared the Deutsche Telekom president at Financial Times last week. The only problem for T-Mobile (based in Germany), the Canadian Telecommunication law want the owner of a telecommunication company are Canadian, but about CIBC, the law maybe change in few years.


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The largest Taiwanese HTC, manufacturing world devices under Mobile Windows, comes from announced that its device which wants to compete with the iPhone is now available in French and Germany. It is T-Mobile (which had also been selected for the HTC Advantage) which has them it early product of this device which seems interesting nevertheless. The HTC Touch is used without pen, but like the iPhone, only with the fingers. It is available to the price of 49.95 euros with a contract of 3ans and 389.95 euros without contract.


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The HTC Excalibur, so known under the name of MDA Mail (Dash) is now available at T-Mobile in Germany. This apparatus which was a very great success in the United States, functions under Windows Mobile and will be probably under Windows Mobile 6 very soon since T-Mobile the USA announced an update towards Windows Mobile 6.


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According to which report/ratio of the remarks of Howard Forum, (have understands that that comes by far, but when m?m?re), the HTC Excalibur of T-Mobile would have an update for Windows Mobile 6. What will give problems to the Motor bike-Q which did not need any really. No person in charge for T-Mobile wanted to comment on Information with PhoneNews.


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