Maybe T Mobile in Canada for 3G auction

Information, provided by a CIBC internal note, T-Mobile want go outside Europe and United State for new market and CIBC think it?s a good idea for T-Mobile to come in Canada. T-Mobile already in USA don?t want buy an existing network but build a new 3G network have declared the Deutsche Telekom president at Financial Times last week. The only problem for T-Mobile (based in Germany), the Canadian Telecommunication law want the owner of a telecommunication company are Canadian, but about CIBC, the law maybe change in few years.


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11 comments for "Maybe T Mobile in Canada for 3G auction"

  • vk Reply

    YES more competiton needed in canada to lower data rates

    2008-02-27 01:43:50
    fred Reply

    Yes, my Rogers's bill is very high .... more competition PLEASE:)

    2008-02-27 06:56:12
    Nando Reply

    I totally agree. More competition is needed to reduce data rates. Rogers, especially, is reaping a large amout of profits with high data rates.

    2008-02-27 07:52:37
    Marius Reply

    Having a new competitor in the mobile market will make prices lower and consumers will then have a better choice.

    2008-02-27 09:41:02
    Jon MacDoanld Reply

    would love to see more competition in canada 2 and 1/2 providers (i live in nova scotia) is not enough

    2008-03-02 22:22:56
    robot Reply

    fido has great rates for data.. their 20 value pack includes unlimited data.. but OMGOSH t mobile.. in.. in canada!~ GASP

    2008-03-05 13:01:46
    Michael Reply

    to Marius: This is a dogma which must not be always truth

    2008-03-06 03:32:11
    lindsa Reply

    i think this is a great idea!

    2008-04-01 15:53:02
    nikkyt Reply

    MORE COMPETITION IS NEEDED! I'd love either t-mobile or verizon to come to canada!!! please do!!

    2008-04-03 21:23:08
    larry Reply

    yes this canadian government stinks we need more competition in canada like phones service and air travel.whats wrong with free Enterprise???

    2008-08-22 22:52:13
    Ash Reply

    OMG! I want a sidekick so bad.. but it wont work in canada with out the tmobile connection

    2008-08-23 12:47:55

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