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Many months after launching of the Google AdSense Mobile in last September, Canadian can now put AdSense publicity on mobile website. It?s very simple to install on your mobile web site like other Google products. AdSense for Mobile are now available in the following countries: US, England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Russia, Netherlands, Australia, India, China, Japan and now Canada.

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Information, provided by a CIBC internal note, T-Mobile want go outside Europe and United State for new market and CIBC think it?s a good idea for T-Mobile to come in Canada. T-Mobile already in USA don?t want buy an existing network but build a new 3G network have declared the Deutsche Telekom president at Financial Times last week. The only problem for T-Mobile (based in Germany), the Canadian Telecommunication law want the owner of a telecommunication company are Canadian, but about CIBC, the law maybe change in few years.


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According to certain rumours on Internet, it is Vodaphone which would offer, like it does it in Germany, Blackberry 8310 in first in Great Britain. Blackberry 8310 includes a GPS and is very light. They are only the rumours and nothing officially was still announced.

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The largest Taiwanese HTC, manufacturing world devices under Mobile Windows, comes from announced that its device which wants to compete with the iPhone is now available in French and Germany. It is T-Mobile (which had also been selected for the HTC Advantage) which has them it early product of this device which seems interesting nevertheless. The HTC Touch is used without pen, but like the iPhone, only with the fingers. It is available to the price of 49.95 euros with a contract of 3ans and 389.95 euros without contract.


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The company based with Taiwan, HTC, announced that it was going to offer Windows Mobile 6 to X7500. The device, which is called Ameo at Germany T-Mobile, will be sold with Windows Mobile 6 basic and the already sold devices will have their update. The new version will have as a name X7501 to mean the presence of Windows Mobile 6 in the machine.

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It is Germany T-Mobile which seems to be the first operator to be offered most impressive of the last HTC revealed in the carding brush of the 3GSM. For 750Euro (1200 $ Canadian approximately), you will not be bound by contract with T-Mobile if not with a contract of 2ans it will cost you 650 $ of them (Canadian). As regards the contracts, it is interesting to compare the prices with here, T-Mobile offers for 60 $ 5G (yes gigs) of band-width on its cellular network high speed (HSDPA) per month and 200 hours of accesses to its very many Wifi Hot-Spot. Here one can pay approximately 100 $ for 200meg of remote loading (generally even if the Operators announce High Speed it is very very slow) and approximately 10 $ by 1 meg additional. In conclusion, in addition to having superb apparatus T-Mobile Germany has solids offers compared with Rogers.


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The HTC Excalibur, so known under the name of MDA Mail (Dash) is now available at T-Mobile in Germany. This apparatus which was a very great success in the United States, functions under Windows Mobile and will be probably under Windows Mobile 6 very soon since T-Mobile the USA announced an update towards Windows Mobile 6.


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The Sixth World cell manufacturer, BenQ, announced at 3GSM Barcelona it was going to announce the first cell has the HSDPA standard for the world cup soccer in Germany. For those not familiar with the protocol HSDPA (High-Speed Download Packet Access), this protocol will allow the transfer to give equivalent al'ADSL but cellular. Samsung did this kind of announcement some time ago, but BenQ warned that this cell will be on sale soon (for the relevant Canadian standard HSDPA is not even in the imagination of Canadian wireless providers, then patience. BenQ to buy the subsidiary of Siemens cell can then be that the Canadian market will see cell BenQ shortly.

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can, here's what Samsung should give us at the CeBIT in Hanover, Germany, March 8. Between the Pocket PC (too small) and the laptop (often too big) the UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) should run under Windows Tablet PC. Nothing has yet been announced on the specifications of this superb machine, but should know more in March.

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