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Alcatel Idol Mini of Bell unlock in 33 minutes

Alcatel Idol Mini

33 minutes
LG Optimus 2X of Videotron unlock in 5 minutes

LG Optimus 2X

5 minutes
HTC Desire 320 of Koodo unlock in 20 minutes

HTC Desire 320

20 minutes
LG G4 of Fido unlock in 11 minutes


11 minutes
Blackberry Passport of Telus unlock in 12 minutes

Blackberry Passport

12 minutes
Samsung Galaxy S3 of Koodo unlock in 10 minutes

Samsung Galaxy S3

10 minutes
Samsung Galaxy S3 of Koodo unlock in 16 minutes

Samsung Galaxy S3

16 minutes
Samsung Galaxy S4 of Koodo unlock in 16 minutes

Samsung Galaxy S4

16 minutes
HTC Desire 601 of Bell unlock in 6 minutes

HTC Desire 601

6 minutes
HTC One M9 of Rogers unlock in 10 minutes

HTC One M9

10 minutes
Motorola Moto E of Telus unlock in 26 minutes

Motorola Moto E

26 minutes
LG G3 of Fido unlock in 35 minutes


35 minutes
LG G3 of Koodo unlock in 14 minutes


14 minutes
Moto G of Virgin unlock in 38 minutes

Moto G

38 minutes
LG G5 of Bell unlock in 26 minutes


26 minutes
ZTE Z222 of Chatr unlock in 16 minutes

ZTE Z222

16 minutes
LG G5 of Virgin unlock in 9 minutes


9 minutes
Google Pixel XL of Bell unlock in 13 minutes

Google Pixel XL

13 minutes
LG F4n of Rogers unlock in 8 minutes

LG F4n

8 minutes
LG G4 of Fido unlock in 6 minutes


6 minutes
HTC One M8 of Bell unlock in 1 minutes

HTC One M8

1 minutes
LG G4 of Fido unlock in 22 minutes


22 minutes
Google Pixel XL of Bell unlock in 9 minutes

Google Pixel XL

9 minutes
HTC One M8 of Telus unlock in 25 minutes

HTC One M8

25 minutes
LG G4 of Bell unlock in 10 minutes


10 minutes
Alcatel OT-A392 of Koodo unlock in 27 minutes

Alcatel OT-A392

27 minutes
Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo of Fido unlock in 16 minutes

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

16 minutes

These are not guaranteed time frames. Each order depends on time of day, device, locked operator and many other factors involved in generating an unlock code.


Rogers Samsung Galaxy S5
2017-01-22 | MobileInCanada.com, great service

Rogers Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
2017-01-21 | MobileInCanada.com, Merci beaucoup... tous fonctionne très bien.félicitations pour votre beau service....

Rogers Samsung Galaxy Note 3
2017-01-20 | MobileInCanada.com, Thanks for the code! It worked flawlessly, so I'm now back up and running!

Telus Google Pixel
2017-01-20 | MobileInCanada.com, Trs bon service jai unlock 3 tres satisfait

Telus Samsung Galaxy S7
2017-01-20 | MobileInCanada.com, merci / tank you

Bell Samsung Galaxy S3
2017-01-20 | MobileInCanada.com, Always appreciate your prompt and helpful service. Thank you!

Bell Samsung Galaxy Core
2017-01-20 | MobileInCanada.com, Thank you. Unlock successful:)

Virgin Samsung Galaxy Core
2017-01-20 | MobileInCanada.com, I now have an unlocked phone! Thanks!

Bell Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
2017-01-20 | MobileInCanada.com, Fonctionne

Rogers Samsung Galaxy S7
2017-01-18 | MobileInCanada.com, great service , unlock my S7,thank you.

Telus Huawei Ascend Y330
2017-01-18 | MobileInCanada.com, Hey, it unlocked my old Huawei Y330, thanks guys for your help!

Telus Samsung Galaxy S6
2017-01-17 | MobileInCanada.com, Thank you. It's scary buying something online but your Web site was very user friendly. Excited to get my code lol

Koodo Samsung Galaxy S4
2017-01-17 | MobileInCanada.com, Thank you! The code worked first try. I can recomend you service

Telus Samsung Galaxy S5
2017-01-16 | MobileInCanada.com, Second phone unlocked. Service is fast and easy. Legit site. Will probably use again in future.Thanks.

Telus Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
2017-01-15 | MobileInCanada.com, Received code 3 hours later, wasn't sure of site. Received code for ,Samsung s7 of telus, took sim and reset phone. I had to put a none Telus sim and code was asked, put in and it unlocked thanks to mobile in canada

Telus Samsung Galaxy Note 4
2017-01-15 | MobileInCanada.com, galaxy note 4, Just like they said, Give info, Pay, wait, Get code, put in code, phone unlocked

Koodo LG G4
2017-01-14 | MobileInCanada.com, Merci beaucoup.Sa a super bien fonctionné...Un peu d'attente mais on peut leur faire confiance.Merci encore et bye bye Koodo

Rogers Apple iPhone SE
2017-01-14 | MobileInCanada.com, Painless and easy....and so much more pleasant than when I walked into a Rogers store and the guy said I needed to sign up with them, and then have them unlock it. Sorry rogers, I got rid of your internet, cable, and I refuse to have you on my hip any more. I would go back to licking stamps and reading the newspaper if they were the last carrier on the planet.

Bell Samsung Galaxy S4
2017-01-14 | MobileInCanada.com, very fast....

Bell Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE
2017-01-14 | MobileInCanada.com, Its great!!! The unlock code you supplied worked instantly when I entered it. I had tried a few other cell phone unlock sites and they could not produce the unlock code for me. But you could , keep up the good work.Thanks Thomas

Telus Blackberry 9360
2017-01-13 | MobileInCanada.com, merci

Wind LG V20
2017-01-12 | MobileInCanada.com, Great service, fast and guaranteed

Koodo Samsung Galaxy S7
2017-01-11 | MobileInCanada.com, about to give up and sell my phone at a loss after having tried 5 other unlocking services with none of them working MobileInCanada was the only one to come through.

Telus Samsung Galaxy Note 4
2017-01-11 | MobileInCanada.com, Merci pour la rapidité! Thanks for the fast process!