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The TyTn II also knows on the name ATT Tilt are a very good device. It?s not only a cellphone, it?s THE cellphone. With Wifi G include, the built in GPS and the 3G connection this device ai a very good friends. The design with the flip screen is very good idea and have a very nice style. The 3 mega pixels camera are also very good. The HTC TyTn II are many time announced many time by many website for Rogers and we think it?s for soon.


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According to rumors circulating on the Internet, the Blackberry 8130 Telus would be available from November 1. Verizon maybe also launch in 8130 in the United States on November 1. The Blackberry offers a digital camera of two mega pixels, a GPS and a Bluetooth connection. It is very likely that Research In Motion to answer HTC, which is very present in this moment in the Canadian market with Touch, S640 and probably soon HTC TyTn II at Rogers. The maker of Blackberry would probably respond to the advertising campaign by Rogers to promote its Windows Mobile devices. However, the date is not official, but it is clear that Research In Motion must act if he does not want to lose too much by the market in Canada.


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That Google text advertisements (known as AdWords), who revealed the information this morning. Indeed, advertising, in English, said "it will be easier to use a touch screen with Rogers." Telus had launched a large scoop in the HTC Touch America. We are witnessing at this moment in Canada to a fierce fight between Telus and Rogers for some time in the area of PDA communicating. The HTC Touch is much less interesting than the HTC TyTn II, which should be announced shortly with Rogers. After supplied appliances quality Canadian, can be that traders prices fall mobile data. The address is not working yet, but is expected within the next few hours.



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Rogers has just announced that its service, with itinerancy international, covers 200 countries now. The course of the 200 countries was crossed on July 24 when Rogers concluded an agreement with Comium Liberia Inc., operator GSM in Liberia in Africa. ?The important investment that we made six years ago in technology GSM, the world standard, served our customers well, declares Sylvie Charette, principal director, marketing and communications, Rogers. Today, if you are one of the 7 million customers who chose Rogers Wireless or Fido, you have access to the service of itinerancy vocal in 200 countries and you can choose among the vastest range of devices GSM to the country, of TyTN of HTC to the Curve Blackberry of RIM.? It is nevertheless rather obvious that Rogers offers the vastest range of devices GSM to the country, since it is the only one to offer devices GSM.

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HTC announced that an update is from now on available for the HTC TyTn. No information could be obtained or found concerning an update for TyTn de Rogers here in Canada. For those which would like to download this update, you must be registered with the HTC eClub which is free for the owners of device HTC. HTC plans also other updates for P3300, S620 and Advantage.


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The Web site of Rogers still revealed information on the next devices by error. It is on the Web site of Rogers who allows downloading plays for your cellular device which gives the possibility of downloading plays for the HTC Kaiser, Nokia 6080, the RAZR 2 V9 and the Moto Q9. Rogers did not confirm absolutely anything, but one can think that the big brother of the HTC TyTn the HTC Kaiser is soon available to Canada. Soon is a very relative word since Kaiser was really not awaited also quickly.


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I have just received convocation of the representatives of Motorola Canada for an event concerning the launching of the Moto Q9 and the MOTORAZR2 in Canada. As we had announced it to you there is a few months the Moto Q9 will be available very soon. Motorola will have to battle very extremely to sell its Moto Q9 since several devices HTC are now available to Canada (HTC S621, HTC TyTn, HTC PPC6800.). They will be available in version GSM what means that the Moto Q9 will be probably available that at Rogers while the RAZR2 should be available at the same time at Rogers and probably a little later Fido. It was not possible to us to obtain more information before August 16. Here are already 2 devices interesting for the re-entry.



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