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The HTC Advantage, this small device designed by Taiwanese HTC, is now available to the sale in the United States. Two tradesmen, were selected to offer this splendid apparatus, CompUSA and have already offered it for a few days. Let us point out that the HTC Advantage contains a memory of 8gig, 128 megs of RAM, a GPS and a touch screen of 5 inches. It is sold with the price of 899 $ American.


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The company based with Taiwan, HTC, announced that it was going to offer Windows Mobile 6 to X7500. The device, which is called Ameo at Germany T-Mobile, will be sold with Windows Mobile 6 basic and the already sold devices will have their update. The new version will have as a name X7501 to mean the presence of Windows Mobile 6 in the machine.

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It is Germany T-Mobile which seems to be the first operator to be offered most impressive of the last HTC revealed in the carding brush of the 3GSM. For 750Euro (1200 $ Canadian approximately), you will not be bound by contract with T-Mobile if not with a contract of 2ans it will cost you 650 $ of them (Canadian). As regards the contracts, it is interesting to compare the prices with here, T-Mobile offers for 60 $ 5G (yes gigs) of band-width on its cellular network high speed (HSDPA) per month and 200 hours of accesses to its very many Wifi Hot-Spot. Here one can pay approximately 100 $ for 200meg of remote loading (generally even if the Operators announce High Speed it is very very slow) and approximately 10 $ by 1 meg additional. In conclusion, in addition to having superb apparatus T-Mobile Germany has solids offers compared with Rogers.


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The HTC Advantage @ HTC X7500, is most sophisticated of the apparatuses available to date to general public. One can think of the integrated GPS (TomTom navigator included), with the chart WiFi G and Bluetooth 2.0, with the hard disk of 8Gig, his 8 hour endurance and with his screen VGA of 5 inches (640x480). The processor is a given rhythm PXA270 with 624Mhz and integrates a graphic chip ATI W2284. On the site of HTC Europe, one can see that it is announced with Windows Mobile 5, but some ensure that the update towards Windows Mobile 6 will be soon available. Finally really interesting and probably very expensive, approximately 950 Euro.

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