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Here is the HTC Shift X9501 of Rogers, a device very difficult to describe in one sentence. We can say that the HTC Shift X9501 of Rogers is a UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC). The computer is running Windows Vista Business and can also operate in a very streamlined version of Windows Mobile, appointed SnapVue. The screen, of course touch is very good and the keyboard is very well designed. The HTC Shift X9501 of Rogers does not call, but rather uses the SIM card to provide internet 3G provided in Windows Vista as Windows Mobile and thus enable push mail on Windows Mobile. It is still expensive camera as if you buy at Rogers but it is still affordable at no contract.

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The HTC Shift X9501 of Rogers is an incredible device with a lot of option and function. I think particularly at Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth 2.0, a full QWERTY keyboard, fingerprint reader, 3G connection and a VGA webcam. The HTC Shift X9501 of Rogers have 2 operating system, Windows Vista Business and SnapVUE (a little Windows Mobile for receive push mail). Thanks to for permit us to review this incredible device.


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Rogers want really offer the HTC Shift to Canadian. Many rumour speck about that but no evidence for the moment are know. But we have received a picture with a HTC Shift of Rogers. For remember this very nice UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) run Windows Vista and Windows Mobile. With a 7? monitor and a full QWERTY keyboard the HTC Shift is a very nice device with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, web camera and finger print reader. Rogers will sale this device for 2,099.99$ without any agreement or 1,999.99$ with a Month To Month, 1,899.99$ with a 1 years agreement, 1,799.99$ with 2 years and 1,699$ with a 3 years agreement. For launching this device Rogers have a special price has 1,599.99$. It?s a big surprising to see this complete device in Canada but it?s a good thing for us. Maybe Bell want offer OQO ?


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It would seem that the next device of HTC will have 2 versions of Windows like 2 processors to make them turn. Indeed, the HTC Shift will have a processor Intel Santa Rosa to make turn Windows Vista and a Qualcomm processor to make functioned Windows Mobile. It is obviously also possible to make function the 2 systems at the same time. The HTC Shift will integrate also a reader of fingerprint, 1gig of DDR2 and a hard disk of 40gig as well as a webcam as regards Windows Vista. It seems that connection HSDPA serf only to the transfer of data, but the Shift would have also options of telephony what would like to say that he will be very complete.

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The company based with Taiwan, HTC, has just revealed it's last born. A surprise since HTC normally designs devices based under Windows Mobile. But as long as to make as well attack this market of the UMPC as Samsung practically occupies with him only, they are probably known as the leaders of HTC. At all events, the animal of HTC the Shift will have a hard disk of 30gig, a Wifi connection and Bluetooth. A connection GSM is also present. It turns under Windows Vista Business with a screen of 7 inches.


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Microsoft, which for some time included/understood already the need for offering to the developers Windows Mobile an Emulator worthy of this name. Then, here the second version which functions as much under Windows XP as on Windows Vista. The application is free and you will be able to download it on the site of Microsoft .

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Here the last of ultra-portable from Fujitsu to integrate a connectivity of 3rd generation. It includes Windows Vista (the tools Tablet PC are now included directly in Windows Vista), GSM (EDGE, HSDPA), a Bluetooth chip, until 1G of RAM, a hard disk HDD of 80G and a touch screen of 8.9 inches. Weight question, one can classified in the category of the light extremists with its 2.2 lbs and endurance a 4 hours.


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The PocketPcAddict site publishes on its forum a technique to change the image which appears in Windows Mobile Device Center of Windows Vista. The operation seems very simple since it is simply a question of replacing the image in a repertory and to reconfigure your Pocket PC on the Mobile Device Center. Here the address of PocketPcAddict

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Lenovo and Circuit City signed, one hears so that Circuit City distributes in its 700 stores to the United States and on its Internet site of the Lenovo portables. The models selected are ThinkPad T60 and Lenovo N100. Two portable computers with broad screen which are sold with Windows Vista Home BASIC for N100 and with Windows Vista Business for ThinkPadT60. Perhaps we at the Source will see them soon which is a property of City Circuit.

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This new chart will support the network of Sprint EVDO Rev A and service GPS of Sprint via the ?Sprint Connection Manager Software?. It is obviously compatible with Windows Vista and Mac. Already on sale Merlin EX720 will coutera you approximately 330 $ without contract or 180 $ with a 2 year old contract.


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