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According to leaked information, WIND is getting set to release the Samsung Galaxy S 4G. The Android handset is expected to launch tomorrow, providing yet another option for those with WIND or considering the switch.

The handset features a 4? Super AMOLED display, and runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Apparently it?s powered by a 1 GHz processor, which sets it back compared to many current Android devices. Other details are still relatively unknown, but it seems to fit in quite well with the original Galaxy S line-up, including the Vibrant, Captivate, and Fascinate.

As for pricing, the Samsung Galaxy S 4G is expected to come in at $49 on the WINDtab with the $40 plan, $249 with the WINDtab with the $25 monthly plan, or $399 outright.


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The Samsung Galaxy S series of handsets, including the Fascinate, Captivate, and Vibrant have been favourites of Canadians since their launch last year. Even the Galaxy Tab did well, being one of the first tablets available besides Apple's iPad. Unfortunately, all of these devices have been stuck on Froyo since at least December of last year, and while speculation pointed to a future Gingerbread update, confirmation was still awaited.

Finally, Samsung has announced that they will be pushing Android 2.3 Gingerbread out to all Galaxy S devices, including the Tab. The European market will get the updates first, expected "mid-May", so they should see it any day now. Unfortunately no word was given regarding Canada specifically, but they did say that it would be "gradually rolled out to other European markets, North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East Asia, Africa, and the rest of the world according to the regional plan".

Hopefully Canadians can get all of the features and benefits of Gingerbread on the Galaxy S handsets and Tab soon! Despite the lack of clear details, we're expecting it to be available by mid-Summer at the latest, but that's just our best guess!


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The Sony Ericsson Xperia arc and PLAY have been pretty highly anticipated in Canada, and as of today, they are both officially available! Each handset can be picked up starting today for $99.99 on a 3 year term, or $549.99 contract-free. The Xperia arc is available in black, while the PLAY comes in white or black, and both run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

The Xperia arc features a 4.2" (480x854) LED-backlit LCD touchscreen display, and an 8MP camera with LED flash and 720p HD video recording capabilities. It features the Mobile BRAVIA Engine for a crisp, vibrant display, and is powered by a 1GHz processor, along with 512MB of RAM. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi (b, g, n, and hotspot), bluetooth, and GPS.

The Xperia PLAY has a 4" (480x854) LED-backlit LCD touchscreen display, and a 5MP camera with LED flash and WVGA video capture. It is powered by the same 1GHz processor found in the arc, and also has 512MB of RAM. Connectivity options also mirror those of the Xperia arc, with Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and GPS.

If you've been holding out for either of these new handsets from Sony Ericsson, head to your nearest Rogers store today to get one today!



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We recently saw Android 2.2 Froyo become available for the Telus Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate, as well as the Bell, Virgin, and Sasktel Vibrant, and now it's Rogers' turn. The Froyo 2.2 upgrade is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, which introduces a variety of new features and improvements, including overall speed and stability improvements, and more. The update is available now, and can be downloaded and installed using the Samsung Kies software available at

rogers samsung captivate galaxy android mobile wireless 2.2 froyo update upgrade available kies improvements features speed stability installation download

Android 2.2 Froyo first dropped for the Telus Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate, and next in line was the Vibrant from Virgin Mobile and Sasktel. Oddly, Bell took there time with the upgrade, but it was finally made available for download and install as well. If you own a Galaxy S Vibrant, be sure to head to to download and install the update to enjoy all of the benefits that come with Froyo.


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Bell is trying to get rid of a few older devices to make room for all of their newer handsets, and are offering up some pretty low contract-free prices on two devices specifically. The Motorola Dext and the Palm Pre have both been dropped down to a low $149.95 contract-free price.

The Motorola Dext runs on Android 1.5 (with no further upgrades coming), and features MOTOBLUR, along with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 5MP camera, and Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and GPS connectivity. It comes with a 2GB microSD card, but can hold up to 32GB for additional memory.

The Palm Pre is a CDMA device that runs on webOS, and it features a 3.1" (320x480) touch screen display, slide out QWERTY keyboard, and a 3MP camera, along with Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and GPS. It also comes with 8GB of internal memory, and has a 3.5 mm headset jack.

They have also dropped the price of 3 of their devices by $75 each if purchased on a 3 year term, offering up the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant for $24.95, the HTC Desire Z for $4.95, and the LG Quantum for free. These are some pretty great prices if you're willing to sign a 3 year contract, but are only available until December 31st.



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Samsung has recently given some information to Canadians with devices in the Galaxy S series, announcing approximate time frames for when to expect Android 2.2 Froyo. The Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant from Bell and the Captivate from Rogers will be getting the OS upgrade in mid-December, while Telus Fascinate owners should see it in early 2011. Nothing was mentioned regarding the Virgin Mobile Vibrant, but one can only assume it will be updated at the same time as the Bell model. If you own any of these 3 devices, be sure to stay tuned and we'll let you know once more details are made available!




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WIND Mobile has recently launched a unique flip phone - the LG dLite. This handset comes in an extremely vibrant blue colour, and has a customizable external LCD. Additionally, it has message notifiers on the bottom of the phone, which can be extremely useful. Another feature built into the dLite is motion muting, so the phone can simply be turned over in order to ignore a call. Coming with a 2MP camera, the LG dLite can hold up to 16GB via microSD card. If you like the sounds of this unique flip phone, hit up WIND Mobile and pick this device up for $140 contract-free.


wind mobile lg dlite flip phone wireless canada launch release lcd customizable notification lights led network motion mute muting camera megapixel microsd memory card unique

Virgin Mobile has officially launched the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, which has been available through Bell and even Sasktel for some time now. Even though it has been available for a few months elsewhere, this launch is still great news for Virgin Mobile customers, or anybody thinking about making the switch to them. The Vibrant runs on Android 2.1 OS currently, and features a 4" (480 x 800) super AMOLED display, 1 GHz processor, and a 5MP camera capable of recording 720p HD video, along with Wi-Fi connectivity. The Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant is officially available from Virgin mobile for $149.99 on a 3 year term or their SuperTab, and is priced at $499.99 outright.


virgin mobile wireless canada samsung galaxy s vibrant android 2.1 eclair megapixel camera 720p video hd wifi super amoled display supertab connectivity available

We let you know quite some time ago that Rogers would be launching the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, an Android handset that features a 4" (480 x 800) Super AMOLED display, 5MP camera with 720p HD video capture, and a 1GHz processor to help power it all. Due to a number of delays, the handset is still yet to be released, though Rogers have provided an update stating:

"We anticipated launching earlier, but there has been a manufacturing delay. As a result, we expect the device will be on sale by mid-October. Pre-orders have also been pushed back, and we hope to make them available later this week."

Hopefully this won't hurt Rogers too badly, considering Bell has been offering the Galaxy S Vibrant for some time now, and Telus has the likes of the HTC Desire to lure Android-addicted Canadians to their network. With the X10 running an outdated OS, the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate will be a much-needed addition to their device line-up, so lets hope there are no more delays!


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