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Rogers now offer a new cellphone, the LG Secret TU750. This device has a 5 mega pixels camera, a very nice brilliant 2.4 display and can take memory card up to 16GB microSD. The Rogers LG Secret TU750 is also compatible with Rogers Vision for video calling and has obviously a Bluetooth connection. Very better of the LG Shine TU720, the Rogers LG Secret is sale for 149.99$ with a 3years agreement.


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Rogers have added to her web site the LG Shine TU720 in black. This device already offers in grey and in pink are now available for the same price in black Color. The LG Shine TU720 has a 2.0 mega pixel camera and is compatible with Vision plan.


Rogers lg shine tu720 black pink grey cellphone phone fido mobile canada mobileincanada vision plan forfait

All Canadian operators take Valentine?s Day serious. Rogers offer now 3 new handset with the BlackBerry Curve in red, the Sony Ericsson W580i and the LG Shine TU720 in Pink are now offer on Rogers?s web site. For the LG Shine in pink we have announced yesterday and are now announced again on Rogers?s website. Rogers offer when you order online a 50$ card of Future shop and 10$ less on activation and the shipping for free.


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After confirmation of few Rogers?s employees, Rogers Wireless want offer for St-Valentine the famous LG Shine Tu720 in pink. After many cell phone in red and in pink today, the Canada cell phone operator want make money with St-Valentine. Again, it?s the same phone as the LG Shine TU720 but the only change is the color. The LG Shine TU720 are in sale at Rogers for only 99.99$ with 3 year contract (Vision and Voice plan).

Update : The LG SHine Pink are in Store next week but now avaliable on Rogers web store


lg shine pink rogers tu720 lge Canada fido mobile cellphone nice steal color red st valentine wireless

It was announced a few weeks ago, but it is now posted on the Rogers Wireless website. The LG Shine TU720 Rogers has a camera 2.0 mega pixels and a Bluetooth 1.2 stereo connection. Unlike LG Shine 8700 Telus cellular LG offered by Rogers is a "slider" and is only on Rogers in Canada. Made of a metal which makes it very elegant LG Shine TU720 is equipped with the software needed to take full advantage of new 3G service Rogers, Vision. It is available for a price of 199.99 $ with a contract of 3 years and after a discount of 200 $ that will be given on your first bill if you subscribe to the package Vision Rogers. It is available without a contract for a price of 409.99 $.


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Bell has not yet formally announced as Rogers had done a few days ago, would offer the LG Shine. You can see the name of Bell, on the site of LG Flash, which is placed just below Telus. Several other clues have filtered especially on press photos. Telus offers for a few weeks already LG Shine to its customers and appears to be selling well. No date is yet known for the release of Shine at Bell, but the exit of LG Slider Shine TU720 Rogers is scheduled for mid-November.


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It is now done, Canada will join the United States with regard to the fixed prices of data wireless. A few minutes ago, Bell has just announced the first unlimited fixed price of data wireless in Canada, with his wireless Pc cards. The fixed price costs 75 $ per month and offers an access mobile and unlimited to the owner of cellular Pc cards. Bell had announced, it there has a few weeks the drop of price for the fixed prices of data wireless, but was still rather expensive, 1gig of transfer cost 100 $ per month. Bell is the company of communication which offers the greatest selection of wireless PC card. Bell offers also other plans for data, but which are limited and higher.




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Indeed, Bell now offers a fixed price which includes 1gig transfer of data per month for the moderate amount of 100 $. That can appear expensive nevertheless for those which do not use the mobile Internet, but when the preceding prices are known one includes better. Before Bell offers this fixed price, it cost the same price of them, 100 $ per month, but for 100megs, which gives 10 times more expensive. With a 1gig with 100 $ per month it is from now on possible to use Pc card offered without being obliged to pay an astronomical invoice at the end of the month. Moreover, Bell offers 3 months free of mobile Internet to you if you subscribe to this fixed price for one period of 12,24 or 36 months by buying one of the devices according to: Kyocera 650, Novatel P720, X720, U720 and the Sierra Wireless AirCard 595. The offer ends on September 30. Will know that Telus, offers the same fixed price.

Fixed price Bell 1 Gig

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Bell Mobility has just announced that she was going to improve the speed of the flow of her network ?high mobile speed?. To launch into 2005 this network CDMA that Bell names EV-DO rev. A be one of the first to offer flows being able to go until 2.4Mbit/s. What can be more interesting and more concrete, these is the 2 new cards PC that Bell and Novatel now will offer to his customers. The first card is the PC Merlin P720 which could be used with the Modem U720 Ovation which offers an access high speed mobile. A first also in Canada it is the card Merlin X720 which is a card PC of the ExpressCard type. To note that with the latter, of the accessories are offered, which makes it possible to use the card would be with a slit PCMCIA Express or simply by USB.

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