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A few days ago we let you know that Rogers was getting set to launch their 4G LTE network sometime in 2011 in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver. According to the announcement, the network will also become active in 25 more cities in 2012. Bell has responded, releasing a document internally that states that their LTE trials have concluded, and that they are also working on launching in the near-future. In the document, they say "Bell has completed 4G LTE trials and we are currently deploying 4G LTE as well. Our competitors will not get in front of Bell's network leadership." No word on launch dates or which areas Bell's LTE network will be available in at launch as of yet, but we'll keep a close eye on Bell (and other networks) to keep you up to-date-on 4G LTE network deployment in Canada!


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Rogers has recently announced that they are beginning technical trials of a new LTE network in Ottawa, Ontario this month. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, and is considered to be a true 4G network, capable of download speeds reaching 150 Mbps. This is a huge step for Rogers and for Canada, as their HSPA+ network currently has a maximum download speed of 21.1 Mbps, so a 4G network using LTE technology would provide incredibly faster speeds to users. No word yet on exactly when the network will launch for public testing or use, but progress is always good, especially when we're talking about such a vast jump (about 7x faster)!


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Telus Mobility has announced their intention to launch an enhanced 3G+ network, using Dual Cell technology to offer data speeds of up to 42 Mb/s. According to Telus, this new network technology is consistent with their evolution towards LTE, and testing was completed in early July. Devices supporting this technology are expected in Q1 of 2011, so the network launch should take place at the same time.

Apparently Bell has been conducting internal trials of the same duel-cell technology, so it could be that Bell and Telus will team up to offer the new network just as they did for 3G and 3G+. No further details are available as of right now, but we'll be sure to keep you updated as soon as they arrive.



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Canadian mobile phone users are one step closer to video calling friends, family, and clients across competing mobile networks as TELUS, Rogers and Bell today announced the successful completion of two-way mobile video calling trials between carriers. Video calling lets clients create a ?see-what-I-can-see' connection with other callers, enabling them to do things like share special moments or get advice on a birthday gift before they buy.

Mobile video calling is currently available through several carriers in Canada, but both callers must be on the same carrier's network using compatible handsets. When inter-carrier mobile video calling is launched video calling will be possible across multiple carrier networks and will create North America's largest two-way mobile video calling community.

?Mobile video calling is a richer communications experience for family, friends and business contacts,? said Ibrahim Gedeon, chief technology officer at TELUS. ?This successful trial involving TELUS, Bell and Rogers is a milestone in the Canadian mobile community.?

?We are proud to be part of the first inter-carrier partnership in North America to enable clients to call each other using video capabilities,? said Stephen Howe, chief technology officer for Bell Mobility. ?By breaking down the barriers between video calling clients in Canada, we anticipate strong demand for the service ? as we saw with past inter-carrier initiatives such as text and picture messaging.?

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