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The three major carriers each have some type of handset protection or replacement program, and Sasktel has joined in offering a Wireless Sevice Protection Plan of their own. The plan will cost customers either $6 or $7 monthly, depending on the value of their device, and covers accidental damage, loss, theft, and malfunction (after the manufacturers warranty expires), however normal wear and tear and cosmetic damage are not covered. Customers who pay for this additional service can make up to two claims per year, but will still be responsible for a deductible ranging from $75 - $225 in order to get a replacement handset.


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Rogers has announced that it's Handset Protection Guarantee program will be launching on May24th, and will be available at no charge to their customers. The program will cover loss, theft, and damage, and will offer a subsidization on repairs or replacement phones, sometimes including a $0 device option. The $0 option will be available to customers who are taking advantage of the program for the first time, and will typically include lower-end devices, while the subsidization option can be used towards repair or towards new/refurbished replacement models for any lost, stolen, or broken handset.

Rogers states the program is the first in Canada, as Bell and Telus device protection plans both come at a $7/month cost. While these programs do come with a monthly cost, they differ because they guarantee a replacement model that is comparable to their lost, stolen, or broken device.

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Bell has announced today, a new service name ?Mobile Email?. This service work with all Bell Windows Mobile device ( HTC Touch, HTC 5800, HTC 6800, Moto Q, Palm 700wx and other select Bell Mobility device like the new LG Rumor. Mobile email also features advanced security tools, including the ability to remotely lock the device or wipe all personal information in the event of loss or theft. It also has the capability to restore all personal information, if necessary. Mobile email is included with any data rate plan for smartphones, which start at $15 per month, and is also available on select phones for as little as $8 per month.


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This card will allow you to pay for your coffee or your favorite bagel without cash. Simply slide the card into the card reader, but also to serve at the wheel in the 2,000 participating restaurants and Tim Horton's will add another soon. The United States is not concerned with this card for the moment, but Tim Horton's announcement on their website that the United States will also include Tim Card Express. You can add a maximum of 200$ on your card through the website of Tim Horton's. The website in question will allow you to suspend your card in case of loss or theft and to keep track of your most recent transactions. There is no minimum balance, but a maximum of 200$, no service charges, or expiration date on this new map.

"Tim Card is a faster and more flexible payment option for our customers," said Paul House, Chairman and CEO, Tim Hortons. "The enhanced features of the card make for a better customer experience."


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