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This very basic device are now recall by LG Canada due to wireless frequency too higher and not respect radio specification 102 (CNR 102). All owner of this device can return in store if you are affected by recall. LG Canada give this PDF document for know if your LG 150 is good for recall. LG Canada have also created a telephone number for you question and the good number (LG have make mistake in press release) the good number is 1-866-940-6508.

Bell Mobility and Telebec offer to you for replace your LG 150 : LG 385, LG Win or LG Vantage. If no LG device is in stock when you go in Bell Mobility store, Bell can off to you a Samsung 300 or Sanyo Eclipse.

Virgin Mobile offer to LG 150 owner only the LG 160 + 25$ on your moynthly bill or in you prepaid account.

How to identify the model of your phone

For information on how to exchange your phone please see below:

Bell Mobility/Aliant Mobility
In person at a Bell Store
By phone at 1-866-282-6077
Online at

In person at a KMTS Mobility dealer
By phone at 1-800-362-3347
Online at

MTS Allstream
In person at an MTS Connect store or authorized wireless dealer was purchased.
By phone at 1-888-399-9654
Online at

In person at the NorthernTel Mobility retail store or participating dealer where the phone was purchased
By phone at 1 800 360 8555
Online at

In person at SaskTel store or authorized dealer
By phone at 1-800-SASKTEL
Online at

In person at the Sogetel Mobilit? retail store or participating dealer where the phone was purchased
By phone at 1-866-764-3835
Online at

In person at the T?l?bec Mobilit? retail store or participating dealer where the phone was purchased
By phone at 1-888-T?l?bec
Online at

In person at the TBayTel Thunder Centre Retail Store or any participating TBayTel Mobility Dealer
By phone in Thunder Bay at 807-623-4400 or 1-800-264-9501
Online at

Virgin Mobile Canada
In person at Virgin Mobile-branded retail stores
By phone at 1-866-857-7450
Online at



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Here is a phone for a conventional line that provides the ability to use Windows Live Messenger without any computer nearby. In fact, the major feature of this device is to display your contact list MSN Messenger and you can ask them a voice conversation. In addition to this feature original and interesting enough, it is possible to call a conventional phone. >

Read the review after the link...

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That October 24 Videotron will officially launch its software phone. No many information at this time, but we can think of a program that sounds like Skype. Here is the announcement by Videotron:

After the cable telephone(IP) and wireless telephony last year, Videotron will present its software phone designed to consumers with greater mobility. This new Videotron telephone, into a computer, allow users greater flexibility when traveling and the ability to make a real management of its communications.

That is a solution that can be attractive to a number of people and take Skype clients. More information will be available on October 24.

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According to, which is the Web site techno LaPresse newspaper, Montreal guys would have succeeded in using an iPhone on the network of Rogers. Marc-Andre, who wants to conceal his surname in order to avoid problems with Rogers, but who should rather be wary of Apple, with successful uses TurboSIM of it to be made function his iPhone on the network of Rogers. In fact, really it is not a question of a releasing since it is absolutely necessary to use the TurboSIM card which costs at least 200 $ on Internet. The iPhone of Marc-Andre would function perfectly safe as regards the function ?Visual VoiceMail? which makes it possible to record visual messages since this function can function only if the operator installed the servers necessary. Like Rogers often confirmed it to us, Rogers is not really interested of knowing which kind of telephone you use with your SIM card as long as you do not use the network of Rogers fraudulently. It should however be noted that the YouTube function will be very expensive for Marc-Andree since Rogers did not lower yet his prices of transfer of mobile data like the Bell and Telus a few days ago.

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Rogers now makes it possible to have 2 different telephone numbers, but only one device. It is the service of second line which allows this innovation which will make you save if you have 2 devices from Rogers. Indeed, the expenses of access to the network and the 911 will apply only once instead of 2 times. The vocal box and the bill-poster are also free for the second line if you are already subscribed on the first line. Rogers is the only Canadian company to offer this service to his customers.


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Dominos offer a new way of ordering your preferred pizza pie. You will have to be recorded on the Web site of Dominos in order to record your address, your telephone number and your meets favorite. After it is simply a question of sending a message text and of writing the pizza pie wanted in the message. This service is only available in Great Britain and should probably be available to the United States from here a few months.

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Here a device very surprising, it acts of Compound Internet Wireless for Skype of Logitech. Simply, this telephone replaces your interface PC of Skype to transform itself into wireless phone conventional. The telephone enables you to answer your Skype calls simply and quickly and makes it possible to call by Skype everywhere in the house without being in front of your computer.

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The Iraqi government has just announced that 3 licenses to become a mobile operator in Iraq were now on sale with the biddings. After several years of restriction and embargoes on the traditional telephones, the Iraqis became fond of delicacies cellular devices and except the bombs Iraq is probably a rather promising market.

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Nokia has just announced the official availability of Nokia 5200 an ideal telephone for the young people connected. It integrates a reader mp3 and radio operator FM. It also has a numerical camera and a Bluetooth connection. It also makes it possible to use a microSD card 2gig. It will cost of them you 25 $ with a 3 year old contract at Fido.


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The very new telephone of Motorola the RAZR 2; will be available at Verizon to September. It is about the second version of the RAZR which was a world success which will turn under the new platform of Motorola under Linux. It will contain also a camera of 2.0 megas pixels, 2 extremely clear screens and it support also it stereo Bluetooth for the stereo helmets Bluetooth. It will be also functional with several applications offered by Verizon, in particular VCAST. Verizon revealed any price for the RAZR V9m and no fixed date for its launching.


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