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The president of Rogers is death today; we will copy the Press Release of Rogers.

Transmitted by CNW Group on : December 2, 2008 06:14
Rogers Communications mourns passing of Founder and CEO Ted Rogers

Visionary business icon, philanthropist, family man and proud Canadian
TORONTO, Dec. 2 /CNW/ - It is with great sadness that the Board of Directors of Rogers Communications Inc. announces the death of our colleague, leader and friend, Edward Samuel "Ted" Rogers, the founder of the company, a visionary communications industry pioneer and an icon in Canadian business. He was 75. Mr. Rogers, known for his indefatigable drive, built Rogers Communications into a Canadian and North American leader in wireless telecommunications, cable television, broadcasting, publishing and more. Mr. Rogers' name is synonymous with innovative, high-quality communications products across Canada, products that improved and simplified the everyday lives of Canadians. "We wish to express our deepest sympathy to Loretta and all of the Rogers family for this loss," said Alan Horn, Chairman of Rogers Communications and acting CEO. "Ted Rogers was one of a kind who built this company from one FM radio station into Canada's largest wireless, cable and media company. A leader also in giving to the community through his and Loretta's many philanthropic initiatives. He will be sadly missed." Phil Lind, Rogers Vice-Chairman, worked alongside Mr. Rogers for almost 40 years. "Our sincerest condolences to Loretta, the children and the grandchildren. He will be missed by so many. Though Ted was relentless in business and building this company over the years, he was also very much a family man. His impact on family, community and country was as impressive as his business success," Mr. Lind said. Mr. Rogers, who suffered from congestive heart failure, saw his health weaken over the past few years. He was surrounded by loved ones when he died at his home in Toronto. Mr. Rogers' successor as Chief Executive Officer will be addressed by the Rogers Communications Inc. Board of Directors which intends to form a special committee to lead a search considering internal and external candidates. In the meantime, Alan Horn, Chairman of Rogers Communications Inc., will continue to serve as acting Chief Executive Officer and lead the company's office of the president. Funeral arrangements will be announced by the family.

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MTS Allstream announced today that Manitoba Telecom Services Inc. has been recognized as one of Canada's top socially responsible corporate citizens, remaining a constituent of the acclaimed Jantzi Social Index(R). The Jantzi Social Index, developed by Janzti Research Inc., consists of 60 Canadian companies that pass a set of broadly-based environmental, social and governance screens.

"As a large national telecommunications provider, we have a responsibility to grow and operate in a sustainable manner," said Pierre Blouin, Chief Executive Officer. "Through corporate programs and policies, we are accelerating our company's green and community initiatives, and conducting business in a manner aligned with the principles of sustainable development."

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According to the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications association (CWTA), said that the use of wireless data in Canada is expected to triple over the next three years. At this time, $ 1 billion would be spent annually in the data wireless cellular network. Still according to the CWTA about 10% of the monthly use of cellular phones in Canadians is for transfer data wirelessly. Operators that Rogers, Telus and Bell reported higher growth rates of 50% per quarter for wireless data. The CWTA calculate that about 30 million text messages are sent each day in Canada. For a population of around 32 million people living there, it's still not so bad. According to Peters Barnes, president of CWTA, there are 7 billion text messages sent since the beginning of the year 2007 compared to 4.3 billion for all year 2006.

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According to Jim Balsillie, the Canada is the country with the greatest penetration of BlackBerry per capita. The President of Research In Motion (maker of the famous BlackBerry) said that to the Canadian Association of wireless telecommunications. (ACTS)

"Canada was the birthplace of the BlackBerry platform and Canada continues to generate the highest per capita penetration of BlackBerry smartphones in the world today," said Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of Waterloo, Ontario-based RIM. "We are fortunate to be located in a country with a thriving wireless industry that continues to offer businesspeople and consumers world-class wireless data services. RIM works with hundreds of carriers internationally and I am proud to say that the Canadian carriers and our collective success are well respected within the worldwide industry."

We believe Jim Balsillie really do not live in Canada and do not really know the prices that are requested from Canadian wireless subscribers, because if it did it would not declare that. But I think that Jim speaks wireless operators in terms of glory because a portion of their profits return to RIM. The miss of competition in Canada is not a good thing for this industry in Canada.

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Bell Canada (who is one of the principal actors of the world of telecommunications in Canada) has just published an official statement which announces an extraordinary assembly of the shareholders who will take place next on September 21 in Montreal. The shareholders of Bell Canada, who will have actions with the closing of the markets on August 10, will have to come to a conclusion about the privatization of Bell Canada. A group which includes in other the Council of the Pension plan of the Teachers of Ontario, Providence Equity Partner and Madison Dearborn Partners want to transform Bell Canada into closed company. The Pension plan of the Teachers of Ontario was already the principal shareholder of Bell Canada and found that Bell Canada did not progress rather quickly. Had with the fact that Bell Canada will not be any more at the thank you of his shareholders and competitors by revealing his financial results each quarter will enable him to plan strategies in the long run even if the profits are not immediately with go. Let us recall that last week Telus officially announced to have given up buying Bell Canada because of the lack of information of the federal government about the laws anti competition with which would have probably obliged Telus to separate its division wireless telegraphy, which Telus did not want to consider.

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British Telecom and Virgin, 2 companies of major telecommunications in Great Britain, have just announced the end of the mobile service of TV for the cellular devices. It would seem that the little of subscribers to this service is the principal reason of this failure. Indeed, to be able to benefit from this service, which cost 8 euros to have access to 5 chains; it was necessary to buy a precise device designed by HTC, Lobster. Very interesting and powerful, but bought devices cellular this price only, to look at the TV in the bus, is not really the best manner of convincing. The 2 companies did however not give up the idea of TV on Mobile but would privilege other technological solutions.

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Telus has just published this court communicated to announce that it BCE. Several people who say very well to know the Canadian market of telecommunications. They had for the majority marked that Telus was the best and best placed to buy BCE.

TELUS today announced that it has elected not to submit an offer to acquire BCE as part of the strategic review process announced by BCE on April 17, 2007. The inadequacies of BCE's bid process did not make it possible for TELUS to submit an offer.

Teacher which is also on the rows to acquire also already criticized the process of sale. It remains those 4 companies on the rows to buy BCE. One speaks about KKR, Teachers, Cerberus, Catalyst Management. Let us recall that the offer of repurchase of BCE finishes today.

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Bell Canada (BCE) has just published one to communicate of press which announces that Telus Corporation began from the discussions to discuss a future fusion the 2 giant?s telecommunications in Canada. ECBS and Telus signed a mutual agreement of not-disclosure of the offers suggested. A fusion of the 2 groups would be nevertheless surprising since Telus had already announced that a fusion would be not very probable since Telus should probably demolish its cellular division, which was not possible a few months ago. It should however be said that a fusion would be also possible since Bell cannot pass to more than 50% in the hands of a foreign company and Telus was founded in Quebec. This possibility would probably not be good news for the customers of the two companies since there would remain only 2 large companies of communication in Canada, Rogers (which already bought Fido) and Telus.

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Rogers Wireless, just announced that the month of July marks the fifth year of its GSM network. Rogers in 5 years, increased from 2.6 million subscribers to 6.2 million subscribers and says Rogers cover 94% of Canadian territory. The President of Rogers Wireless inc. Rob Bruce, said "The telecommunications industry is extremely competitive and we believe that the quality and clarity of the GSM network, which go with the wide choice, the degree of development and less phones and GSM devices, Roger offer significant competitive advantage. " Forced to note that the GSM is really a better reception than CDMA networks Bell and Telus.

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Toronto is the largest city in the country, in population and economic terms, Toronto Hydro Telecom Inc. have announced what will give downtown Toronto a gigantic wifi system, a first in Canada. David Miller, Mayor of Toronto, "This place Toronto as one of the cities at the forefront of telecommunications at the global scale." But the most stupid statement recorded in Canada this week has come propablement Mike Lee of Rogers Communications, "I do not understand why they wish to enter this market," said he has a journalist of the Associated Press. (Sorry I can not resist a little commentary) Mike, surely they want to make money and may also be that consumers really think before profit ...

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