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Telus has recently launched a new trade-in program to encourage customers to recycle their unused devices, offering up to $200 in value. The program is relatively simple ? you can trade in up to 3 devices, for a maximum combined value of $200. You can use that ?credit? towards the purchase of a new device or accessory, though you must renew or activate a new account when doing so. The program is applicable to cell phones, mobile internet sticks and portable hotspots, but doesn?t currently extend to tablets, unfortunately.

In the press release, Telus mentioned they commissioned a survey to find out what Canadians do with their old devices. The results came in with 61% of Canadians saying they have between one and five old or unused cell phones laying around at home. This is a smart offering from Telus and eRecyclyingCorps in their collaborative effort, hopefully the appropriate value is given to those who want to take advantage!

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According to a survey carried out by the firm Solutions Research Group on 1000 12 years old Canadians and more, 80% of the gifts wanted for Christmas are technological devices. Many more surprising, the Canadians would put in eighth position new the iPhone of Apple which is not even yet available to Canada. According to several information the iPhone would have being available to Canada for Christmas, but a disagreement between Rogers and Apple would delay its left in Canadian territory. Here signal 10 of the Christmas presents according to the study of Solutions Research Group.

1. Tv HD
2. Digital camera
3. Laptop
4. Cellphone
5. desktop PC
6. Video Camera
7. Nintendo Wii
8. Apple iPhone
9. Blue-Ray or HD DVD
10. Gps


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The Swiss newspaper Time met Jan Chipchase, an employee of Nokia, which carries out surveys into the life of the illiterate people. A rather simple goal nevertheless, creates a telephone for the illiterate ones. The journalist, Anouch Seydtaghia, met at the time of the conference TOP SPIN in Geneva.

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Rogers MusicStore will allow to download songs on his cellular. The Nokia 5300 XpressMusic and the Nokia 6085 are from now on available and are the first 2 cellular which can manage the files of protection DRM of Microsoft. Several musical accessories also were born at Rogers, headphone, auricle, Bluetooth module for the house. Rogers used the surveys of Ipsos to choose his new cellular.

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Wi-Fi Protected Setup, here is the name of this new certification optional. This certification is designed to simplify the installation of a WiFi network staff more easily. According to a recent survey 43% of wireless users finding it difficult to install such networks. (Wi-Fi Alliance / Kelton Research, 2006). This certification will be available to 250 members of the WiFi Alliance around September 2006. It is still surprising to see what kind of logo on our box since almost all router manufacturers offer their own easy installation (Wizard). Hope ...

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