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We just let you know that Virgin Mobile has reduced the cost of their data packages by $5/monthly, and now it's WIND's turn to crank up the competition. A few days ago, select non-data BlackBerry users began receiving promotional text messages offering them free data services until April 15th. The text message selected users are receiving reads: "Hey BlackBerry user?try FREE data with our Infinite BlackBerry add-on until Apr-15. Interested? Reply Y to this message and start browsing, BBM, email & more". WIND Mobile is currently one of the only carriers that haven't made data services mandatory for smartphones, but with their contract-free handset purchase structure, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that they're enticing customers with this promotion, rather than forcing them into data package subscriptions.


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Rogers has recently implemented changed to their hardware upgrade program, changing eligibility from 24 months to 30 months (2.5 years), news that has been confirmed via Customer Care as well as RogersBuzz on Twitter. It doesn't come as much of a surprise since other carriers have similar timelines for upgrading devices, but it definitely isn't great news for those of us who like to switch up their devices and stay on top of the market. According to Rogers employees, some customers may be eligible for upgrades before the 30 month mark, though no guidelines or HUP structure is available to consumers. Additionally, the change won't affect the current iPhone upgrade program, so it looks like some customers may still be in the clear on this one.


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Fido has reduced the contract-free cost of their current 3G mobile Internet stick to just $75, with 2 year pricing already at $0. In addition to the price reduction, we can also let you know that they'll be launching a "pay in advance" stick on October 1st, though no word on which model it will be, or what the pricing structure is going to be like. One more bit of news, some time in Q4 Fido will be launching an HSPA+ stick that will provide download speeds up to 21 Mbps.

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Several rumours circulate on Internet with the effect that Sanyo thinks of selling its mobile division. Sanyo, which does not sell many cellular devices, has known a fall of profit extremely marked for a few months and sought to be restructured in order to eliminate divisions with problems. Sharp and Kyocera would be interested to buy the mobile division of Sanyo. It would be very probable since the 3 companies work in the cellular bottom of the range ones. The cellular sales of devices of the Sanyo Japanese have recorded a deficit of a few million for several months.

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CompUSA which announced in last weekend, that it intended to close several of its stores in the United States with an aim of restructured, dissociates itself with a price for T-Mobile DASH has 49.99$. It should be mentioned that the regular selling price of Excalibur is 199.99 $ American.

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According to In-Stat( ), the cellular operators should define their strategy vis-a-vis in WiMax maintaining not to find itself in bad position. Indeed costs spent to create infrastructures of 3e generation in North America its considerable and WiMax to come all to disturb. If the predictions of 50 km are concretized then, several people will n'auront more need for their cellular. Worse, still the transfer of data. They could also suffer from it if the WiMax chips are available in the laptops has l'achat (INTEL works there already since a good moment). One could simply connect oneself to a Supplier d'acc?s Internet directly without passed by the cellular one.

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Operators in 14 countries in Europe, Belarus, Czech Republic, Latvia, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Ukraine, will deploy an end a CDMA450 infrastructure to offer voice and data to individuals and companies. Other countries will install CDMA2000 in the next month (Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia and Sweden). Recall that CDMA was developed by Quallcom and is used mainly in the USA and Canada as well as in some less developed country. Although North America is also covered by GSM, Europe has always been covered by a GSM network which is much more sophisticated and efficient than CDMA.

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