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This very basic device are now recall by LG Canada due to wireless frequency too higher and not respect radio specification 102 (CNR 102). All owner of this device can return in store if you are affected by recall. LG Canada give this PDF document for know if your LG 150 is good for recall. LG Canada have also created a telephone number for you question and the good number (LG have make mistake in press release) the good number is 1-866-940-6508.

Bell Mobility and Telebec offer to you for replace your LG 150 : LG 385, LG Win or LG Vantage. If no LG device is in stock when you go in Bell Mobility store, Bell can off to you a Samsung 300 or Sanyo Eclipse.

Virgin Mobile offer to LG 150 owner only the LG 160 + 25$ on your moynthly bill or in you prepaid account.

How to identify the model of your phone

For information on how to exchange your phone please see below:

Bell Mobility/Aliant Mobility
In person at a Bell Store
By phone at 1-866-282-6077
Online at

In person at a KMTS Mobility dealer
By phone at 1-800-362-3347
Online at

MTS Allstream
In person at an MTS Connect store or authorized wireless dealer was purchased.
By phone at 1-888-399-9654
Online at

In person at the NorthernTel Mobility retail store or participating dealer where the phone was purchased
By phone at 1 800 360 8555
Online at

In person at SaskTel store or authorized dealer
By phone at 1-800-SASKTEL
Online at

In person at the Sogetel Mobilit? retail store or participating dealer where the phone was purchased
By phone at 1-866-764-3835
Online at

In person at the T?l?bec Mobilit? retail store or participating dealer where the phone was purchased
By phone at 1-888-T?l?bec
Online at

In person at the TBayTel Thunder Centre Retail Store or any participating TBayTel Mobility Dealer
By phone in Thunder Bay at 807-623-4400 or 1-800-264-9501
Online at

Virgin Mobile Canada
In person at Virgin Mobile-branded retail stores
By phone at 1-866-857-7450
Online at



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We have receive information about a new cellphone will launch soon with Bell Mobility, the Sanyo Pro 200. This device is a highly durable and have 10-4 function (like Mike of Telus) and it?s perfect for construction worker. Nothing of special but the Sanyo Pro 200 has a Bluetooth 2.0 connection and include a GPS. No price or exactly date for the moment.


Bell mobility mobilite canada cellphone sanyo pro 200 mobileincanada gros 10-4 mike telus cell used unlock code smartphone

We receive much information (thanks to all) about this new Bell mobility cell phone and we have now a picture of the Bell Sanyo Katana Eclipse. This device has a 1.3 mega pixels camera and obviously a Bluetooth connection. The Sanyo Katana Eclipse use microSD card and a 2.5mm audio port for use like a mp3 player. We have no much information about spec but nothing or very original with this device. The price will be 75$ with a 3 years agreement with Bell or 275$ without any contract.


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A new device for Bell Mobility with the Sanyo Katana LX. The Katana LX is a cheap phone but with a nice design. Bell want sale this device in 3 colors such as Black, Pink and Brown. The Sanyo Katana LX has a 0.3 mega pixels camera, a Bluetooth connection and is A-GPS capable. The price for the Sanyo katana LX of Bell is 50$ with 3 years agreement, 100$ with 2 years, 200$ with 1 years and 250$ without any agreement.




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Bell has unveiled its website on the Sanyo S1 which is only available at Bell Canada, for the moment. This device which seems extremely nice and has a price still very affordable. The Sanyo S1 provides the service 10-4 of Bell, a Bluetooth connection that does not support stereo mode and does not have a digital camera. It is available at a price of $ 19.95 with a 3-year contract or $ 149.99 without a contract for Bell Mobility.



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Sprint has just announced that Sanyo Katana 2, so known under the name of code SCP-6650, will be now available to the sale in stores. It is available three colors is the dark black, it pink and blue harms. It is also equipped with a connection Bluetooth 2.0 which makes it possible to use several accessories.


sprint katana 2 scp-6650 slim cellphone mobile cellular cellulaire bluetooth canada Sanyo 6650 scp in canada

Several rumours circulate on Internet with the effect that Sanyo thinks of selling its mobile division. Sanyo, which does not sell many cellular devices, has known a fall of profit extremely marked for a few months and sought to be restructured in order to eliminate divisions with problems. Sharp and Kyocera would be interested to buy the mobile division of Sanyo. It would be very probable since the 3 companies work in the cellular bottom of the range ones. The cellular sales of devices of the Sanyo Japanese have recorded a deficit of a few million for several months.

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Once again a recall of battery touching the portable computers. After having contacted the representatives of Lenovo in Canada, MobileInCanada learned that if you are among the lucky ones you will have to await 4-6 weeks to ravoir your new battery and that your portable computer will not be portable since you must send your old battery to obtain another from them. This same if it is the fault of Sanyo with which Lenovo buys batteries and not your fault. The batteries aimed by the recall were sold with certain models of ThinkPad scratch pads or separately to be used with these models:

Series T (T43, T43p, T60)
Series X (X60, X60s)
Series R (R51e, R52, R60, R60e)
The batteries aimed by the recall were sold with the new models of scratch pads, in option, or the batteries of the models ci-dessous.

Series R60 and R60e
Series T60 and T60p
Series Z60m, Z61e, Z61m and Z61p

To know if you are among lucky (lol) the outward journeys on the site of Lenovo or to call the center of service to the 1.800.426-7378 24/24.

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Bell has just announced that she would launch the first mobile cinema to Canada. You will be able to now download a complete film on your cellular multi-media during 24 hours or 7 days dependently films. By Multimedia Bell understands Samsung a920, a900 and m500, Sanyo 7500 and LG 550. This service exists in the United States and does not seem to occupy most of the cellular market of the services. The company Buena Vista International Television, a company of Walt Disney, and Sony Pictures Television International joined mSPOT to offer this customer service of Bell. Question of price, it will cost you 5.95 $ of them to subscribe you with the service in more of the access unlimited to mobile Internet. However, Bell did not indicate the price of films available to the unit.

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Bell will benefit from the contents of the Heads with opera hats and they will benefit from the visibility of Bell. You will be able to download the videos clip of the Heads with snaps one week before their diffusion on the Web. You must have one of the models according to being able to download the vid?os, Samsung a920, a900, m500, Sanyo 7500, 8300 and LG 550, Nokia 6275i, Motorola e815 and Motorola RAZR by subscribing you with a Amusement unit which starts to 20 $ per month. Then for the fanatics I imagine that that spends time in the bus.

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