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We just let you know that Sony was preparing to release the "Sony Tablet", which is now officially known as the Tablet S. The Tablet S has been confirmed to be $500 for the 16GB model, or $600 for the 32GB version. Additionally, Sony confirmed that it will be launching in September, though an exact date wasn't provided. Hopefully this means mid-September as previously speculated.

The Sony Tablet S features a 9.4" (1280x800) touchscreen display, and is powered by an Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor. It's PlayStation certified, and is advertised to be usable as a TV remote as well. Running on Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the Tablet S will have a lot of competition, but should see its fair share of sales.


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We recently let you know that Videotron would be launching their 3G+ network today, and we've got all of the information rounded up in one place to keep you updated!

During the press conference, Videotron announced their 4 types of price plans available to customers on the new network, in addition to four handsets that are available to Quebec residents should they choose to go with Videotron for their mobile service. Shortly afterwards, the website was updated to include the remaining devices. The price plans now available are:

Zone Plans - Videotron offers the largest urban zones in Quebec, and is offering up a couple tiers of plans for those located in either Montreal or Quebec city. The options include an unlimited in-zone calling option for just over $30/month, or an unlimited cross-Canada calling package for about $50/monthly. Both include SMS, MMS, and e-mail, in addition to 50MB of data usage.

Unlimited Evenings & Weekends - For $24.95, users can get 100 anytime minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends, and unlimited SMS, MMS, and e-mail

Anytime Plans - 50 anytime minutes starting at approximately $15/month

Sharing Plans - Videotron is also offering up sharing plans, starting at just $36.95 for two lines. This option allows the users to share a minimum of 200 anytime minutes, and unlimited evenings and weekends.

Videotron will be eventually be launching twelve 3G+ compatible devices, and every handset supports Videotron's mobile content including 28 on-demand channels, and remote PVR programming. Among the devices now available are:

HTC/Google Nexus One - Running on Android 2.2 Froyo, this is the first handset available in Canada running on the latest version of the Android OS. This device features a 3.7" (480x800) AMOLED display, 5MP camera with LED flash, a 1GHz processor, and 512MB of RAM/ROM. This device has never been offered through a carrier in Canada before, so Videotron should see a large number of customers jump on-board for this handset.

Garmin Nuvifone A50 - The second of the Android handsets now available from Videotron, the Nuvifone A50 features a 3.5" (320x480) touch screen, a 3MP camera, and of course GPS navigation. Along with Wi-Fi support, this handset is perfect for those looking for highly functional GPS capabilities.

Motorola XT720 - The Motorola XT720 is also an Android powered device, featuring a 3.7" (480x854) touch screen, 8MP camera with flash, 720p HD video capture, and an HDMI out port. This handset is powered by a 720MHz processor, and has 512MB ROM/256MB RAM.

Huawei U3200 - This device features a 2.2" (240x320) display, 3.2MP camera, and is a slider handset with a standard numeric keypad.

Other devices - BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Pearl 9100, Samsung Gravity 2, HuaweiU7519, Nokia 5230, and the Huawei E1381 Mobile Internet key.

Other details covered in the press conference include the removal of 2 and 3 year contracts, their dynamic bandwidth allocation, and a few plans for the future regarding the network technology. Among these plans include dual-channel HSPA technology that will bring their maximum download speed from 21Mbps, up to 42Mbps. They are also offering an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee on all handset purchases/service agreements.

All around, it looks like Videotron has done a decent job of offering choices beyond those of other carriers. Being the first carrier to officially offer a device running Android 2.2, and offering a large selection of handsets and services, it looks like they've ensured some healthy competition in Quebec!


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Bell has announced today, a new service name ?Mobile Email?. This service work with all Bell Windows Mobile device ( HTC Touch, HTC 5800, HTC 6800, Moto Q, Palm 700wx and other select Bell Mobility device like the new LG Rumor. Mobile email also features advanced security tools, including the ability to remotely lock the device or wipe all personal information in the event of loss or theft. It also has the capability to restore all personal information, if necessary. Mobile email is included with any data rate plan for smartphones, which start at $15 per month, and is also available on select phones for as little as $8 per month.


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This evening that Logitech announced that it had launched its new universal remote called Harmony One. This remote is a remote high-quality, which is still quite expensive. It is sold at a price of $ 279.99 Canadian on the website of Logitech. It has obviously a color screen and several options that would allow easy to control all devices that use infrared technology. Like most of Logitech Harmony remote can store 15 different devices can be configured and automatically with over 225000 devices manufactured by producing over 5000. Logitech web site


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The famous peripheral maker in any kind for computer announced that the remote control Harmony 1000 will be soon available in India. This remote control has a touch screen; a support of office to keep it reloaded and is made of brushed chromium. It is also available to Canada for approximately 600 $. We had already tested a remote control of the series Harmony of Logitech here it review.

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The conceptions of Sling Box would work on software in Beta version for the cellular devices of Series 60 of Nokia. The software would function under Symbian and will make it possible to have access to all the options of Sling Box. Sling Box makes it possible to listen to the TV or all your media which remained on Sling Box at the house. For the moment the software making it possible to use Sling Box remote was reserved for the desktop computer or portable, but starts little by little to integrate the devices mobile.


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The mobile software offered by Yahoo is now available to the remote loading for the users of device HTC. The continuation, software Yahoo Go 2.0, makes it possible to use several services online offered by Yahoo, but of a manner much plain, Yahoo Mail for example belonged to the pack Yahoo GO 2.0. If you have a machine HTC you have only to return to you with your device on and to download the file .cab. The instructions are very plain then to install Yahoo Go 2.0.

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Now very popular and very famous comic strips ?the Heads with opera hats? are now available to the remote loading at Telus. Bell Mobility had exclusiveness to distribute to these subscribers the contents of the Heads with opera hats. Without any press release (as with its practice) Telus to be sent, a message text all these subscribed and created a special section on their Web site. Certain scandalmongers say that Telus did not publish any official statement and did not make any noise of this innovation because its ringing are intended to the French-speaking users since the heads with opera hats are exclusively in French. One speaks about a price from approximately 3.50 $ by ringing what is relatively very expensive, but for the fanatics the price is often secondary. Here the section official of the site of T?lus.


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Description: The universal remote control Harmony 670 of Logitech is a very complete remote control and which makes it possible to control really well all your TVs, system of sound, reader DVD or VHS and any other device of this type. Extremely simple to use and configure thanks to its entry minis-USB, you will be able all to configure starting from your computer and Internet.

Read the review after the link...


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Virgin Mobile the USA announced jointly with Yahoo! that mobile software of Yahoo! will be integrated into cellular sold by Virgin. Virgin Mobile the USA is regarded as the largest virtual operator in the United States. (The Canadian subsidiary company of Virgin is also the largest virtual operator in Canada.) Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Email will be the first with being integrated into cellular Virgin and a section of remote loading of the Yahoo! software will be also integrated in the telephones.

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