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Sasktel has recently updated their website to include the BlackBerry Bold 9780, which we've seen the 3 major carriers and Virgin mobile launch recently. The Bold 9780 is a refreshed version of the 9700, and has an improved 5MP camera, along with BlackBerry OS 6 and upgraded memory to better support it. No word yet on exactly when the device will launch on Sasktel, but they've posted pricing of $100 on a 3 year voice + data plan, or $570 on a monthly term. We'll be sure to let you know when the 9780 launches on Sasktel, so stay tuned!


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Telus and Rogers have officially launched the BlackBerry Bold 9780 refresh device, which is almost identical to the Bold 9700, but with the addition of a 5MP camera and the BlackBerry 6 operating system (with increased memory to better handle it). The Bold 9780 is available from Telus for $99.99 on a 3 year term, while Rogers is offering it up for $50 more at $149.99 with a 3 year contract. Outright pricing comes in the same from both carriers at $499.99 contract-free. If you're looking to get a BlackBerry handset, this is definitely one worth checking out, though Bold 9700 users may want to hold off a bit longer to see exactly how well BlackBerry 6 runs on their device, with reports coming in fairly positive from those who have installed leaked and unofficial versions.


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According to recently leaked internal screenshots, Bell will be launching the BlackBerry Bold 9780 refresh device on November 2nd, though no official public announcement has been made as of yet. Virgin Mobile was apparently set to launch the device on October 21st, but since the website hasn't been updated as of yet, we're assuming the date has been pushed back at least a little bit. It would be surprising, however, if Virgin did launch the Bold refresh device a little bit sooner than parent-company Bell, as we saw this happen with the HTC Legend recently. To recap on the Bold 9780's specifications, it will launch running BlackBerry 6 OS, and comes with a 5MP camera, though nearly all other aspects are basically identical to the Bold 9700 BlackBerry users have come to know and love.


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We recently let you know that rumours pointed at Virgin Mobile launching the BlackBerry Bold 9780 refresh device on October 21st, and have now received word that Rogers will also be launching the handset, but one week later. Expected on October 27th, the Bold 9780 is a refreshed version of the Bold 9700, one of the most popular BlackBerry in recent years, and offers up memory improvements to help handle BlackBerry 6 without sacrificing room for applications or performance. The other major improvement comes to the camera, boosting it to 5MP. No confirmation on pricing as of yet, but speculation is pointing to somewhere near the $150 mark similar to what we expect Virgin Mobile to be charging for the upcoming device.


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More rumours are making their way around the internet, this time around regarding the BlackBerry Bold refresh device - the 9780. The Bold 9780 is almost identical to the 9700 model, but offers up a few internal improvements(memory) that will help it handle the newly released BlackBerry 6 operating system, along with an improved 5MP camera. Apparently the device will be launching on October 21st for $149 on Virgin's SuperTab or on a 3 year contract, though as always, this information can't be guaranteed until officially announced by the carrier.

BlackBerry users, will you picking up a Bold 9780, or have you made the jump to the Torch 9800 already?


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According to several leaks that have recently surfaced on the internet, RIM have been working on a new BlackBerry Storm device, and up until recently it was unclear as to what the device would feature. Finally, we've been told that the next device in the Storm line-up will be the 9570, which is more or less a refreshed version of the Storm 2. Physically, the device is practically identical to it's predecessor, with the biggest change coming in the additional RAM, which is now up to 512MB. Based on the information found so far, it seems like this device is nothing more than refreshed version of the Storm 2, equipped to handle BlackBerry 6.

It's strange to see RIM release refreshed versions of existing models, especially considering their push to change the public's view of BlackBerry devices. The Torch is a great step forward for the Canadian-based company, but one can't help but wonder if the rest of these "interim" devices are actually intended for long-term use, or if they are merely intended to keep users busy until a new (maybe QNX developed) OS is prepared to take over after a short BlackBerry 6 life-span. Don't get me wrong, the Torch and BlackBerry 6 are a great improvement, but there's certainly still room to grow.

While it's been confirmed this handset will hit Verizon Wireless in the U.S., nothing has come to light regarding the device in Canada as of yet, but we'll be sure to keep you updated!


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We haven't heard much about the BlackBerry 9780 in Canada so far, but according to a recent rumour circulating the internet, the Bold 9700 refresh device is expected to launch on Rogers mid-November. The new device, is essentially an updated version of the Bold 9700, launching with BlackBerry 6 on-board, a 5MP camera, and increased memory over the successful 9700 model. No word yet on pricing, but it should come in around $150 on a 3 year contract, considering the Torch 9800 is launching for $199 on a 3 year term.


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Throughout the last few days, Bell and Telus have both dropped their iPhone prices on 3 year terms, with internal documents pointing to an imminent Rogers price-drop as well. With the iPhone 4 launching sometime in July on all 3 carriers, they are making room for new stock and clearing out the old. Following this move, we could see the discontinuation of the iPhone 3G in the near-future, though it is likely that the 3GS models will remain available for a while.

Here is the updated pricing:

iPhone 3G 8GB - $49.95
iPhone 3GS 16GB - $99.95
iPhone 3GS 32GB - $149.95

(Refreshed) iPhone 3G 8GB - $0
(Refreshed) iPhone 3GS 16GB - $49
(Refreshed) iPhone 3GS 32GB - $99
iPhone 3GS 16GB - $99
iPhone 3GS 32GB - $149

iPhone 3G 8GB - $49
iPhone 3GS 16GB - $99
iPhone 3GS 32GB - $149


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Bell is now offering up the refreshed Apple iPhone 3G for just $9.99 on a 3 year term to family and friends of Bell employees. To be eligible, the device must be activated on the $50 smartphone combo plan, and the employee themselves will have to follow internal procedures to have the offer fulfilled. While this is the lowest price we've seen in Canada for a refreshed iPhone, remember that all 3 major carriers (Rogers, Bell, Telus) have been confirmed to be carrying the iPhone 4 in July, and that the iPhone 3G will not support the upgrade to iOS 4. Bell's "refreshed" iPhones "are phones returned to Bell in an unused or slightly used condition and that have passed rigorous Quality Assurance testing", according to the offer's terms and conditions. This offer expires June 30th, 2010, so if you're interested be sure to take advantage soon.


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