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Research in Motion has recently recalled approximately 1000 BlackBerry PlayBooks. According to an official statement from RIM, the recall is due to an issue with some PlayBooks being "unable to properly load software upon initial set-up". The statement also points out that many of the affected devices are still in the distribution channels and haven't reached customers, so hopefully few people will be impacted.

While this recall certainly can't help RIM and the PlayBook's success, it is a fairly small number in comparison to the number of units sold. Users who do experience the described issue are encouraged to contact RIM to determine next steps.


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This very basic device are now recall by LG Canada due to wireless frequency too higher and not respect radio specification 102 (CNR 102). All owner of this device can return in store if you are affected by recall. LG Canada give this PDF document for know if your LG 150 is good for recall. LG Canada have also created a telephone number for you question and the good number (LG have make mistake in press release) the good number is 1-866-940-6508.

Bell Mobility and Telebec offer to you for replace your LG 150 : LG 385, LG Win or LG Vantage. If no LG device is in stock when you go in Bell Mobility store, Bell can off to you a Samsung 300 or Sanyo Eclipse.

Virgin Mobile offer to LG 150 owner only the LG 160 + 25$ on your moynthly bill or in you prepaid account.

How to identify the model of your phone

For information on how to exchange your phone please see below:

Bell Mobility/Aliant Mobility
In person at a Bell Store
By phone at 1-866-282-6077
Online at

In person at a KMTS Mobility dealer
By phone at 1-800-362-3347
Online at

MTS Allstream
In person at an MTS Connect store or authorized wireless dealer was purchased.
By phone at 1-888-399-9654
Online at

In person at the NorthernTel Mobility retail store or participating dealer where the phone was purchased
By phone at 1 800 360 8555
Online at

In person at SaskTel store or authorized dealer
By phone at 1-800-SASKTEL
Online at

In person at the Sogetel Mobilit? retail store or participating dealer where the phone was purchased
By phone at 1-866-764-3835
Online at

In person at the T?l?bec Mobilit? retail store or participating dealer where the phone was purchased
By phone at 1-888-T?l?bec
Online at

In person at the TBayTel Thunder Centre Retail Store or any participating TBayTel Mobility Dealer
By phone in Thunder Bay at 807-623-4400 or 1-800-264-9501
Online at

Virgin Mobile Canada
In person at Virgin Mobile-branded retail stores
By phone at 1-866-857-7450
Online at



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Verizon announced yesterday that its new BlackBerry Pearl would be pink, then Bell responded on the other side of the border with the same device, but in red. It was already available in navy blue color (or black depending Bell). We received the BlackBerry Pearl of Bell navy blue sea and we will publish a review on this device very interesting and much smaller than the BlackBerry 8800. To recall the BlackBerry Pearl of Bell includes a digital camera of 2.0 mega pixels with a flash, a Bluetooth connection and also includes a GPS.


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The future Wi-Fi network in joint venture Radioactif and Nomade Telecom would severely delayed and will not be available as planned for September. In an interview given by the president of the Nomade Telecom to the Quebec website Branchez-Vous, "Luc Picard said routers which are scheduled to arrive from Europe by one or two weeks and will take at least three weeks to be installed. Problems for installation are also reported because it is not easy to find a good roof to install the wireless equipment. According to Branchez-Vous, the first step will be limited to the main streets of the Plateau Mont-Royal (St-Denis Street). Radioactif and Nomade Telecom will focus on the rest in the city of Montreal in installing antennas on lampposts of the Montreal city. According to Luc Picard, the city of Montreal would be open to the project, but negotiations are still quite long. To recall, this network will use Wimax technology to connect WiFi routers between them and distribute them to the internet anywhere on the island of Montreal (when router are install). They make use of Wimax technology helps eliminate the cables between Wifi routers.

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It is allowed in the cars of almost all Canadian provinces, but Quebecers stand out yet. GPS is actually banned in cars traveling on the roads of Quebec. Specifically, it is not GPS that is banned, but the fact of having a screen visible driver in the car. The screens that are permitted are those who can see on the rear of vehicles, as on recreational vehicles or buses passengers. The Quebec government is studying the suggestions made by interested parties since October 13 and it is expected that the amendments to the law will come into effect in early 2008. For the moment, the Automobile Insurance Company of Quebec (SAAQ) recommends that the policeman be tolerant until the government takes a decision. If we recall the recommendations of the Committee on Road Safety Quebec, the committee recommended banning the phones in the cars.

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Motorola Q9h with a GPS

Rogers Wireless and Motorola Canada have just launched Motorola Q9h to Canada. One month after having launched it to the United States, Smartphone of Motorola is now available to Canada. It is about a device run under Windows Mobile 6 Standard considering which he does not have of touch screen. With an improved design and several minor additions, Motorola Q9h is really pleasant to hold in hand. It does not have connections Wifi, but a built-in GPS and Bluetooth connection although it is compatible with the new network wireless high speed of Rogers, HSDPA. Let us recall that the first Motorola Q was only compatible with standard CDMA offered only at Bell and Telus. It is available for a price of 249.99 $ with a contract of 3 year at Rogers.

Rogers Moto Q9h Specification




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Toshiba has just announced officially the availability in October from high card, capacity SD of 32gig and 16gig. It will cost of them approximately 350 $ for card SDHC 16gig. Card SDHC of 32 gig will be as for it available to January for approximately 700 $ what is very expensive, but which offers also a very great capacity in a so small card. Let us recall that it is memory board SDHC are not compatible with the readers or the devices which support only the cards SD, cards SDHC require readers of new generation.


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Bell Canada (who is one of the principal actors of the world of telecommunications in Canada) has just published an official statement which announces an extraordinary assembly of the shareholders who will take place next on September 21 in Montreal. The shareholders of Bell Canada, who will have actions with the closing of the markets on August 10, will have to come to a conclusion about the privatization of Bell Canada. A group which includes in other the Council of the Pension plan of the Teachers of Ontario, Providence Equity Partner and Madison Dearborn Partners want to transform Bell Canada into closed company. The Pension plan of the Teachers of Ontario was already the principal shareholder of Bell Canada and found that Bell Canada did not progress rather quickly. Had with the fact that Bell Canada will not be any more at the thank you of his shareholders and competitors by revealing his financial results each quarter will enable him to plan strategies in the long run even if the profits are not immediately with go. Let us recall that last week Telus officially announced to have given up buying Bell Canada because of the lack of information of the federal government about the laws anti competition with which would have probably obliged Telus to separate its division wireless telegraphy, which Telus did not want to consider.

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Rogers and MySpace announced that they had gotten along on exclusiveness in Canada; it is Rogers who will offer a service MySpace Mobile on his devices. The subscribers of this service will be able to add tickets and comments on the blogs MySapce. They will be able also to carry out research of friends, to answer the email, to modify the MySpace profile like consulting their bulletins. Let us recall that MySpace is available to English Canada and French.

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One day after Bell mobility announced that Blackberry 8830 was from now on (finally?) available, Telus announces has its turn that Blackberry 8830 will be available on June 29, which is the same date as the launching of the iPhone in the United States. Blackberry 8830 was already posted on the Web site of Telus and Bell mobility, but was not available for the sale. Telus offers 50% of reduction for the duration of the contract chosen on the international transfer of data what is useful for those which travel much, but less for those which do not travel. Bell mobility for its part offers 3 months free of given with a 3 year old contract. It as should be recalled as Rogers offers the BlackBerry 8800 (which is only CDMA) for 500 $ after postal reductions while Telus and Bell sell Blackberry 8830 (CDMA and GSM) for 299 $ with a contract of 3 year .



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