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Google held their I/O event today, announcing a number of things pertaining to their mobile OS and platform - Android. Possibly the biggest announcement was the official confirmation of their upcoming OS version, Ice Cream Sandwich. This new version aims to bridge the gap between tablets and smartphones, bringing many of the higher-end features of Honeycomb to a smaller screen size. This promises richer widgets and graphics, better multitasking, and much more. Ice Cream Sandwich is expected to launch in Q4.

Another big announcement was movie rentals via Market. No word on when Canadians will see the feature released, but starting in the next few weeks, Google stated they will be rolling out movie rentals in the Android Market. These rentals will start as low as $1.99, but premium titles will likely be more.

Though Canadians haven't received any word on when it will be available to us, Google also announced Music Beta. Music Beta is a service that allows you to upload your personal music collection to the cloud for streaming on your computer and various Android devices. It was made available today to certain U.S. users by invitation, so hopefully we'll see it soon in Canada.

A few other announcements were made as well, including a promise of higher dedication to timely OS updates. They also discussed projects like the Android Open Accessory Toolkit and Android@Home so hardware creators can develop a broader range of products, and even offer connectivity between home appliances and your device!


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Telus customers who use the HTC Hero have been waiting for a long time for the OS 2.1 update, even though users in other countries got the update some time ago. The update has been rumoured to come at several times, continually being pushed back for unknown reasons. The latest rumour points to a release as late as the beginning of Q4 of this year. Still a few months away, this may be discouraging news, but remember that this isn't confirmed so keep your fingers crossed.


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Fido has reduced the contract-free cost of their current 3G mobile Internet stick to just $75, with 2 year pricing already at $0. In addition to the price reduction, we can also let you know that they'll be launching a "pay in advance" stick on October 1st, though no word on which model it will be, or what the pricing structure is going to be like. One more bit of news, some time in Q4 Fido will be launching an HSPA+ stick that will provide download speeds up to 21 Mbps.

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It is with the 3GSM of Barcelona, that I-Matt chose to reveal these new apparatuses under Windows Mobile 6. Here the I-Matt JAQ4, which on the image of Engadget seems, turned under Windows Mobile 5. The characteristic sides, you will be levelled with an antenna Wifi G, but no 3G on the side of the cellular ones. The apparatus points out certain Black Jack of Samsumg?

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