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Google held their I/O event today, announcing a number of things pertaining to their mobile OS and platform - Android. Possibly the biggest announcement was the official confirmation of their upcoming OS version, Ice Cream Sandwich. This new version aims to bridge the gap between tablets and smartphones, bringing many of the higher-end features of Honeycomb to a smaller screen size. This promises richer widgets and graphics, better multitasking, and much more. Ice Cream Sandwich is expected to launch in Q4.

Another big announcement was movie rentals via Market. No word on when Canadians will see the feature released, but starting in the next few weeks, Google stated they will be rolling out movie rentals in the Android Market. These rentals will start as low as $1.99, but premium titles will likely be more.

Though Canadians haven't received any word on when it will be available to us, Google also announced Music Beta. Music Beta is a service that allows you to upload your personal music collection to the cloud for streaming on your computer and various Android devices. It was made available today to certain U.S. users by invitation, so hopefully we'll see it soon in Canada.

A few other announcements were made as well, including a promise of higher dedication to timely OS updates. They also discussed projects like the Android Open Accessory Toolkit and Android@Home so hardware creators can develop a broader range of products, and even offer connectivity between home appliances and your device!


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Rogers has recently partnered up with Sony Style retail locations to offer their products as a new distribution channel. With displays and devices already set up at many locations, Sony Style retail outlets should provide more success than Rogers' recent Shoppers Drug Mart distribution project. Depending on service availability, customers will be able to purchase wireless, cable, and internet products and services.


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Rogers is starting a test project where wireless devices like phones and high speed rocket sticks will be sold in Shoppers Drug Mart location across the country. As a bonus for users who sign up at a Shoppers location, they will receive 50 000 Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points, a value of $85 apparently. This move follows many other carriers in expanding their distribution channels to additional retail stores, with Public Mobile possibly being the most recent having signed a deal with Gateway Newstands.



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Not even two months after announcing Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is back today with another event in which it revealed the Project Pink lineup, which includes the handsets known as the KIN ONE and KIN TWO. Both devices are manufactured by Sharp, the ones behind most of Danger?s sidekicks. For now the launch will be at Verizon wireless in May with a GSM version later this summer.

The main purpose of these devices is to regroup every social networks and instant information sharing under one roof. This will be the craze for every tech hungry hipsters!

KIN ONE specs

? Compact keypad for one-handed texting
? Multi-touch display
? 5 megapixel camera with flash and SD video recording
? External mono speaker
? 4GB internal memory (enough for 1,000 songs)
? Media powered by Zune

KIN TWO specs

? Horizontal sliding QWERTY keypad
? Multi-touch display
? 8 megapixel camera with flash and HD video recording
? External stereo speaker
? 8GB internal memory (enough for 2,000 songs)
? Media powered by Zune


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Nomade telecom, about information of Argent magazine, want give up the wireless Wi-Fi/ WiMax project in Montreal. Nomade telecom think, at this moment, the Wi-Fi is not a good solution for a wide coverage of Montreal and the price of a spectrum is too high. It?s sure with cell phone network and new technologies like WiMax the Wi-Fi is not a good idea for provide internet to home. But for Nomade Telecom, they want revaluate the Wi-Fi part of this project. Cleary forget this project in Montr?al.



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The city of Vancouver wants to launch a project that would make its downtown (about 2.3 km / square) wireless network with a high-speed wireless. A competition has been launched on the website of the Government of British Columbia. According to CBC, Peter Ladner who had the idea of the project wants to find financial partners because the elected officials of the city of Vancouver are unwilling to finance the project with taxes taxpayers. Several North American cities have attempted this type of project with varying degrees of success depending on location. However, the fall in prices in packages on cellular data, very quickly makes this kind of network obsolete, but could be very useful for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

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Again, the site of Rogers reveals projects only GSM operator in Canada. This time, the Nokia N95, which is listed on the website of Rogers in the section where you can download games on their cell phone device. This is not an official confirmation of Rogers, but the last time that this part of the site has proved devices were available, as Motorola Q9h. The Nokia N95, which is a very high-end, is only available in Europe at the moment, because it is not yet available in the United States and no date is expected. It is clear that this device is still very available, as it is sold, depending on the versions, approximately 800 euros.


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Here is that the Royal Bank of Canada and Visa recently announced the launching of a pilot project to test the payment by credit card, but with a cell phone. The pilot testing will be conducted in Ontario include several step. Laboratory tests, a pilot project with the staff of the RBC and tested with consumers. It is insert chips NFC (Near Field Communication) in cellphone, which will allow the client to pay for their purchases with Visa payWave that technology will also be used in conjunction with traditional credit cards.

"Handheld communication devices are already as indispensable as wallets," said Anne Koski, head, Payments Innovation in RBC's Cards division. "Many of our clients would appreciate the convenience of making purchases through their mobile phones rather than fumbling for cash when trying to get through a busy checkout line. Mobile devices, much like electronic payments, have become a mainstay in people's lives, so combining the two securely makes a lot of sense."

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The future Wi-Fi network in joint venture Radioactif and Nomade Telecom would severely delayed and will not be available as planned for September. In an interview given by the president of the Nomade Telecom to the Quebec website Branchez-Vous, "Luc Picard said routers which are scheduled to arrive from Europe by one or two weeks and will take at least three weeks to be installed. Problems for installation are also reported because it is not easy to find a good roof to install the wireless equipment. According to Branchez-Vous, the first step will be limited to the main streets of the Plateau Mont-Royal (St-Denis Street). Radioactif and Nomade Telecom will focus on the rest in the city of Montreal in installing antennas on lampposts of the Montreal city. According to Luc Picard, the city of Montreal would be open to the project, but negotiations are still quite long. To recall, this network will use Wimax technology to connect WiFi routers between them and distribute them to the internet anywhere on the island of Montreal (when router are install). They make use of Wimax technology helps eliminate the cables between Wifi routers.

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The PJ358 of ViewSonic is the one of most interesting projectors that we tested. This projector of very great quality is also very easily mobile. It weighs only 3.9lbs (would be 1.8kg) and has all connections necessary and still to be a good projector more. Without forgetting, the fact that it is possible to use it without a computer.

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