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Telus, which had not announced for a long time wireless card for laptops, has announced the release of the map Sierra Wireless 597. This card, which is aimed at the laptop recent, is much narrower than the conventional PCMCIA cards. Telus did not provide this type of card Express before this one and it's still a very good thing. Prices are exactly the same price as other maps of the same type of format difference. It will cost $ 49.99 with a 3 years contract or 299.99 $ without a contract.


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Bell Mobility has just announced that she was going to improve the speed of the flow of her network ?high mobile speed?. To launch into 2005 this network CDMA that Bell names EV-DO rev. A be one of the first to offer flows being able to go until 2.4Mbit/s. What can be more interesting and more concrete, these is the 2 new cards PC that Bell and Novatel now will offer to his customers. The first card is the PC Merlin P720 which could be used with the Modem U720 Ovation which offers an access high speed mobile. A first also in Canada it is the card Merlin X720 which is a card PC of the ExpressCard type. To note that with the latter, of the accessories are offered, which makes it possible to use the card would be with a slit PCMCIA Express or simply by USB.

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Here a chart manufactured by Sierra Wireless AirCard (R), 595 which will enable you to be first used ?Future? network EVDO Rev A of Telus. Announced by Telus like the first chart in ?Canada?, which will be able to use the network without wire of Telus. Not, it is nothing. If one compares with Rogers who will offer of exclusiveness to Canada new Blackberry 8800 and Telus which offers first chart PCMCIA to Canada which will be able used the network of Telus, it is indeed very different. Seriously, it is nevertheless a projection in Canada since it is chart its nevertheless limited in our operators.

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Nortel, Kyocera and RunCom carried out first call MIMO (Multiple-output Multiple-input) using a new WiMax antenna. With this projection, the mobile services could become 3 to 5 times faster than the networks of third generations existing at present. In addition to offering an important band-width, this technology would offer also a protected access. ?This opening contributes to reinforce the position of leader of Nortel with technologies MIMO, which are at the origin of WiMAX and all the future solutions 4G?, declared Peter MacKinnon, directing WiMAX de Nortel. For recalled, Nortel signed a contract with Kyocera to make available of charts PCMCIA. One could see appearing, it is new product later this year.

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