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With Telus revamping their hardware upgrade program quite some time ago, and Rogers recently following suit, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that Bell is doing the same. Telus and Rogers have stepped up to offer early upgrade options for those who can't wait the full 2+ years to get another device at a discounted cost, and Bell's new program is looking similar.

According to recently leaked information, Bell will be making the changes tomorrow, May 22nd. The leaked document shows that "Select clients will have the opportunity to upgrade early by paying a fee on their Bell Mobility monthly invoice." They go on to say that the early upgrade fee will be calculated based on their eligible hardware upgrade date and can be paid either monthly or in one lump sum. Unfortunately the monthly option won't be available at launch, but should be active shortly afterwards. The monthly payment option is unique in Canada for device upgrades, and will hopefully be the center of Bell's focus when marketing this new program.

In addition to early upgrade eligibility being introduced, the document also makes mention of an "Eligible for Special Hardware" option. Basically, select clients will be able to upgrade to a device from a pre-determined list of special hardware. No word yet on what makes a customer eligible for this special early upgrade, but it's bound to have something to do with revenue generated and the type of device you own.


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WIND Mobile seems to be focusing on versatility and a broader appeal more and more as time goes on, and this latest rumor definitely helps support that. Apparently, WIND Mobile will soon announce their WINDtab hardware payment option, which is very similar to KOODO's tab, and Virgin Mobile's relatively new SuperTab options. Basically, customers will be able to get up to $150 off of the purchase price of hardware, with a tab being kept of the outstanding amount. Each month, 10% of the customer's bill will be applied to the current tab amount owing, and customers have the option of paying off more if they choose. Users will also have the option of upgrading their device at any time, but will have to pay off the WINDtab balance before doing so.

No word yet on exactly when the WINDtab will be announced or launch, but we should see it relatively soon. It's certainly good to see carriers of all kinds focusing on bringing more options to their customers, and this should definitely help WIND Mobile appeal to those who want low costs but many options to choose from. What do you think about WIND Mobile introducing a tab system?


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BlackBerry recently released App World 2.0 to the public, but many were disappointed to see that the long-awaited carrier billing feature had not been implemented. Within the Telus Torch 9800 launch announcement, there's a small piece of interesting information - Telus will be the first to offer carrier billing through App World, and it will be available "prior to the BlackBerry Torch launch", though no word on exactly when that will be. Hopefully the easier payment method will encourage developers to create more apps for the platform, which currently lacks compared to iPhone and Android in that department.


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Virgin Mobile has launched a promotion for those thinking about signing up for their newly introduced SuperTab, a new handset payment option that allows users to pay off devices without having to sign contracts. The promotion, which expires on August 31st, offers up anybody who signs up a $50 accessory credit.

The SuperTab can now be used to purchase any device, and they've eliminated 2 year contracts almost entirely. Remember that Virgin recently launched the iPhone 4, BlackBerry Curve 9300, and less-recently the HTC Legend, so this might be the perfect opportunity to pick up a new phone.

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As you know, Chatr Wireless launched today, offering yet another option for Canadians residing in major cities looking for an affordable and simple solution for their mobile services. We got the opportunity to speak with Garrick Tiplady, the Senior VP of Chatr, and this new brand from Rogers is definitely one to look out for.

Chatr launched today in 5 major cities(zones) across Canada: Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver, with a Montreal launch planned for this fall. Customers living in these areas can pick up one of four devices, and can use their service in any Chatr zone without worrying about long distance or roaming charges. The device line-up, which ranges from a simple bar phone to a sliding full QWERTY messaging device, is expected to remain the same for some time, and includes 4 phones that are offered contract-free:

- The "essential" Nokia 1661 - $60
- The "flip" LG GB125R - $75
- The "slider" Nokia 2680 - $95
- The "QWERTY" Samsung Gravity - $130

During the conversation, Tiplady let us know that Chatr is focused on delivering a worry-free experience, at the root of which are 3 things - simplicity, certainty, and quality. Keeping things simple, Chatr offers only two price plans, and makes it very easy to understand offers. Ensuring customers know exactly what to expect, the price plans available are the $35 Unlimited Talk and $45 Unlimited Talk & Text packages, so the possibility of unexpected overage or pay-per-use charges is significantly reduced. Finally, Chatr boasts a reliable experience, using Rogers' physical network to provide excellent coverage that Canadians have come to trust.

With other discount brands launching mobile internet sticks recently, we asked if we could expect the same thing in Chatr's future. In response to customer demand, Chatr is focusing on talk and text services only, with no intentions to launch data services as of now.

Offering unique options for payment, customers can either sign up for "no worries auto-pay", which is a pre-authorized payment service that keeps things as simple as possible. The second option is to top up your account before your anniversary date (day of the month you originally signed up) each month using your credit card or top-up vouchers from Chatr Wireless retail locations.

The main thing we got out of this is that Chatr aims to keep things simple, offering a limited selection of handsets and price plans, and focusing on users who know what they want without hassle or confusion. If you're looking to find out even more, or find the nearest Chatr store, be sure to check out Chatr Wirless




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Google have stated on the Android Developers Blog that they will be introducing new payment methods to the Android Market on "authorized carriers". At this time there is no further information available as to when this change will be made, or if any Canadian carriers will be supported at launch, but developments like this can only mean positive changes in the future - no matter how far away. Speculation points to a delayed release of the new payment method north of the border, seeing as paid applications took significantly longer to come to Canada than the U.S., but we'll be sure to keep you informed.


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Telus will be officially launching a mobile-friendly account management site that will allow customers to view their usage, balance, and even make a payment. We've seen other carriers launch mobile-friendly sites with great success, some even moving on to release device specific applications. Though it isn't officially launched as of yet, the website is up and running, and can be accessed by visiting from your wireless device.


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Nokia has announced that it's Ovi Store now officially supports billing through the user's carrier - allowing customers to charge purchases to their monthly ivoice, though the feature has been available to some users for several weeks now. Ovi Store is an on-device repository of both free and paid applications, games, themes, ringtones, etc. This is a big step for Nokia Canada, especially after announcements a few months ago from RIM regarding their plan to eventually offer carrier-billing as well. As of now, Rogers, Bell, and Telus all support this new payment feature, though carriers like WIND Mobile have yet to be supported.


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Yesterday, Rogers began rolling out the launch of it's new BlackBerry My Account application. The new application allows users to check their airtime, usage, and balance. It also provides customers with an option to make a payment directly from their BlackBerry handset. For more information on the new My Account application for BlackBerry, or to find out how to install it, visit

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Canadians will soon be able to leave their wallets at home thanks to a wireless payment sticker trial launched by EnStream LP, Canada?s leading mobile commerce company. The Zoompass Tag TM is a wireless payment device designed in the form of a sticker that can be attached to a mobile phone. The Zoompass Tag ushers in the future of mobile payments by allowing consumers to tap their phones at checkout to make purchases at retail stores.

In 2009, EnStream launched the revolutionary Zoompass mobile application and began offering Canadians the first version of a mobile wallet. Available at [linkx=][linkx] and accessible on most mobile phones in Canada, Zoompass already allows users to send money quickly and securely to friends and family.

"The new Zoompass Tag goes even further by allowing Canadians to make their regular store purchases quickly and securely, using only their mobile phone." said Robin Dua, President of EnStream LP. "All Zoompass users will soon be able to pay for their morning coffee, gas at the pump, and lunch at a fast-food restaurant with a quick tap of their mobile phone."

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