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The HP iPAQ 910c Business Messenger will be available in Canada in few weeks about information we have found on the HP Canada web site. This device use Windows Mobile 6 Professional with a 320x240 screen. This device is available long time ago in USA but he will be soon in Canada. No price or date for the moment.


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HP Canada has cancelled the iPAQ 600, but information are not easy to have about this. We have see a page on the Canadian HP web site, with information about the iPAQ 600 and this page announced ?coming soon? but this page are removed of HP Canada web site. After verification with HP Canada, they have announced the HP iPAQ 600 are been cancelled in Canada same thing in USA. This is a bad news, because this device has a GSM antenna for use like a cell phone with more function of the iPAQ 510 and not old like HP iPAQ 6955 sale by Rogers. The iPAQ 600 are only sale in Europe and HP has no comment on the reason of this cancellation in USA or in Canada.


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This morning, HP have release the Hp iPAQ 200 on his Canada web site. This device is available in many countries few weeks ago but not just at this time in Canada. For spec of this device, iPAQ 200 have a 4inc touch screen display and a Wi-Fi G connection. The iPAQ 200 use SD memory card and Compact Flash card. It?s available on the Canadian HP store for 399.99$.

Candian HP Store


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HP revealed the details of its next devices iPAQ under Windows Mobile 6. Two devices are envisaged, the iPAQ 600 and the iPAQ 900. The iPAQ 600 would include a Wifi connection like Bluetooth 2.0 and one GPS to guide you in your displacements. In addition to 3 preceding connections the iPAQ 600 has 128megs RAM and 256 of ROMANIAN. It uses a processor Marvell PA270 to make turn Windows Mobile 6 Professional. As regards the iPAQ 900, it would be practically identical to the iPAQ 600, but would have a keyboard QWERTY. More information will be available by the end of the year.


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Here the most complete device in Canada, the iPAQ 6955 of Hewlett-Packard. All is present, of the GPS in Wifi without forgetting the touch screen and the camera. The tinted plastic lid which protects the screen is extremely well thought. Nothing was neglected, even the keyboard is one of most complete and easier to use than I saw. Read the review after the link...

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HP starts again its mark iPaq into large with the iPAQ Voice Messenger which is based on Windows Mobile 6 Standards (in the past SmartPhone) which has a chart Wifi G in addition to Bluetooth and of a camera of 1.3 mega-pixels. The processor is a given rhythm OMAP850 with 200mhz with a ROMANIAN memory of 128 and 64 in RAM. The screen disappoints however, somewhat, since it is about a screen of 176x220.


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The site takes a small break in order to complete the integration of the Member. This new section allows you to register on our site and enjoy some special offers. NewsLetter section will be integrated and those who have registered to the newsletter receive a warning to register in order to stay elligible to win iPAQ styli.

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For those who register to the newsletter by October 15 will run a chance to win one of 3 packages of 3 styli power the HP iPAQ h5000, h3900, h3800. Good Luck! Ont s 'entered here

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HP has released its new iPAQ, the RX5915. This is different from IPAQ IPAQ in its previous form that looks more like an Origami as a PocketPc but different in its features, GPS and 2G of flash memory. Yes, yes integrated 2Gig, and a handheld device that does not need a memory card to function fully. It is obviously equipped with a WiFi option (which is rare on the iPAQ).

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Here is a Pocket Pc HP but not by HP. Very similar to the XDA Atom distributed by O2 (Japan), the new iPAQ rw6828 is being built by Quanta, which is a direct competitor of HTC. Normally HP Pocket PC's in-house, have still not sure what could change the thinking of leaders of HP. Note for example that this Pocket PC Phone Edition has a sensor 2mega pixels.

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