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Virgin Mobile has recently introduced a new Canada & U.S. Flexi-Data plan, offering those who cross the border frequently a worry-free option. The plan starts at 500 MB for $45/month, and ranges up in multiple tiers until it reaches the 5 GB limit for $190/month. Overages beyond 5 GB are charged at 25 cents/MB.

In addition to introducing the Canada & U.S. plan, they have made a small change to their Canada-only $5 Flexi-Data plan. The $250 MB tier has been reduced from $20/month to $15/month. Head to your nearest Virgin Mobile store to sign up if one of these sound like they?re for you!

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We just let you know that both Telus and Rogers were offering up discounts to those who sign up for their flex rate plans for tablets, and now Bell and Virgin Mobile have done the same. They?re offering basically the same thing as Telus, promising to limit your charges at the bottom tier, providing unlimited data with no overages. Additionally, Bell is offering to waive the activation fee for those who sign up as well. According to their sites, both Bell?s and Virgin Mobile?s offers expire March 31st.

If you have or are getting an HSPA or LTE enabled tablet but don?t have a service provider, you now have plenty of promotional offers to choose from!

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There are all kinds of things happening today as a direct result of the new iPad launch, and discounts are a part of them. Rogers and Telus have both come out with similar offers for their flex rate plans.

Telus is offering to waive the activation fee, and charge you for the bottom tier at $5 no matter how much data you use for the first 2 months. According to their website, the offer expires on April 30th, so those who couldn?t get their hands on an iPad today can still take advantage.

Rogers? offer is similar, waiving the activation fee, and offering up unlimited data for the first 2 months, promising no overages past the highest tier - $37/month. They will also double the amount of data included in each tier of their flex plan for 4 months after your unlimited period has ended. There is no clear expiration date for this promotion, but it is marked as limited time.

These are some great offers for those considering mobile data for their new or old tablet, including the new iPad. Head to Rogers or Telus to sign up!

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Perfectly in line with the launch of the new LTE enabled iPad, Virgin mobile has gone live with their LTE network. It piggy-backs off of Bell?s network, and is currently active in major urban areas including Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Yellowknife, and many cities in Southern Ontario including Toronto, London, Kitchener, and more. Of course, in order to support the new iPad, they are now offering LTE microSIM cards as well.

As for prices, they have decided to keep things simple and straight-forward, extending their existing Flexi-Data plan for tablets to include 4G LTE. This starts at $5/month for 10 MB, after which, it steps up to $15 for 250 MB. If you exceed 250 MB of usage, you enter the last tier of 5 GB for $35/month. Overages beyond 5 GB are charged at 1.5 cents/MB.

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Public Mobile has recently announced that as of July 15th, they will be adding unlimited international text messaging to their $40 unlimited talk and text price plan. While the new offer won't cover every country in the world, users will be able to send text messages to 190 countries, without worrying about pay-per-use charges or overages. Included among the lengthy list are Italy, Russia, Pakistan, Mexico, and many more. This new feature will be automatically added to accounts that currently have the $40 price plan applied, as well as for new customers selecting that pricing option.


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A few days ago, we let you know that Telus released their Apple iPad data plan at a cost of $20 for 500MB, with overages at $0.05/MB up to a maximum of $50 combined. At launch, Canadians rejoiced as it seemed as though $50 would technically offer unlimited data usage, however Telus has now updated the plan details to include one extra stipulation - the usage is limited to 5GB.

With these new details released, Telus' offering to iPad users may have a difficult time competing with Bell and Rogers, as they currently have 2 plans available: $15/250MB and $35/5GB. No word yet on whether any carriers plan to offer true unlimited usage, though it doesn't seem promising.


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Telus has officially launched their iPad data plan, offering up one plan that could meet the needs of both light and heavy users. The package will cost customers $20 without a contract, and offers 500MB of data usage, with overages set to cost $0.05/MB to maximum of $30. This means users will never pay more than $50 in any given month, no matter how much data they use. No word yet on whether or not Telus will throttle speeds past the 5-6GB mark, but so far there is no mention of plans to do so.


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