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Chatr, Rogers' newest discount brand, has recently launched the Nokia 2220 for $75 contract-free, or just $50 if you pick it up before September 30th. The Nokia 2220 features a 1.8" (128 x 160) display, a vertical sliding numeric keypad, and a VGA camera. This device certainly keeps in line with Chatr's intentions - to offer affordable devices for simple, no-nonsense use. If you're looking for a simple device solely to make calls/text message, and are living within one of Chatr's zones, this is definitely a handset worth checking out.


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We recently let you know that Chatr would be launching in Montreal on September 16th, and now we have more news on the new discount brand launched by Rogers. It looks like they will be launching the Nokia 2220 in the near-future, with rumoured pricing to come in at just $75 contract-free. The 2220 features a 1.8" (128x160) display, a vertical sliding numerical keypad, and a VGA camera. This affordable device should be available in the near future, likely before the end of this month.


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We recently let you know that Videotron would be launching their 3G+ network today, and we've got all of the information rounded up in one place to keep you updated!

During the press conference, Videotron announced their 4 types of price plans available to customers on the new network, in addition to four handsets that are available to Quebec residents should they choose to go with Videotron for their mobile service. Shortly afterwards, the website was updated to include the remaining devices. The price plans now available are:

Zone Plans - Videotron offers the largest urban zones in Quebec, and is offering up a couple tiers of plans for those located in either Montreal or Quebec city. The options include an unlimited in-zone calling option for just over $30/month, or an unlimited cross-Canada calling package for about $50/monthly. Both include SMS, MMS, and e-mail, in addition to 50MB of data usage.

Unlimited Evenings & Weekends - For $24.95, users can get 100 anytime minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends, and unlimited SMS, MMS, and e-mail

Anytime Plans - 50 anytime minutes starting at approximately $15/month

Sharing Plans - Videotron is also offering up sharing plans, starting at just $36.95 for two lines. This option allows the users to share a minimum of 200 anytime minutes, and unlimited evenings and weekends.

Videotron will be eventually be launching twelve 3G+ compatible devices, and every handset supports Videotron's mobile content including 28 on-demand channels, and remote PVR programming. Among the devices now available are:

HTC/Google Nexus One - Running on Android 2.2 Froyo, this is the first handset available in Canada running on the latest version of the Android OS. This device features a 3.7" (480x800) AMOLED display, 5MP camera with LED flash, a 1GHz processor, and 512MB of RAM/ROM. This device has never been offered through a carrier in Canada before, so Videotron should see a large number of customers jump on-board for this handset.

Garmin Nuvifone A50 - The second of the Android handsets now available from Videotron, the Nuvifone A50 features a 3.5" (320x480) touch screen, a 3MP camera, and of course GPS navigation. Along with Wi-Fi support, this handset is perfect for those looking for highly functional GPS capabilities.

Motorola XT720 - The Motorola XT720 is also an Android powered device, featuring a 3.7" (480x854) touch screen, 8MP camera with flash, 720p HD video capture, and an HDMI out port. This handset is powered by a 720MHz processor, and has 512MB ROM/256MB RAM.

Huawei U3200 - This device features a 2.2" (240x320) display, 3.2MP camera, and is a slider handset with a standard numeric keypad.

Other devices - BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Pearl 9100, Samsung Gravity 2, HuaweiU7519, Nokia 5230, and the Huawei E1381 Mobile Internet key.

Other details covered in the press conference include the removal of 2 and 3 year contracts, their dynamic bandwidth allocation, and a few plans for the future regarding the network technology. Among these plans include dual-channel HSPA technology that will bring their maximum download speed from 21Mbps, up to 42Mbps. They are also offering an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee on all handset purchases/service agreements.

All around, it looks like Videotron has done a decent job of offering choices beyond those of other carriers. Being the first carrier to officially offer a device running Android 2.2, and offering a large selection of handsets and services, it looks like they've ensured some healthy competition in Quebec!


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Rogers has just announced the launching of the Blackberry Cruve 8310 for September 11. This Blackberry was already available at Rogers, but without functions GPS. It contains also a camera of 2 mega pixels and a numerical zoom of 5x. A card reader microSD is also present and who can read memory card of 4 gigs. Obviously, a Bluetooth connection is included and supports profile them A2DP and AVRCP for the stereo ear-phones Bluetooth and of the control of volume via Bluetooth. As mentioned above, it will be available in September for 299.99 $ with a 3 year old contract or 499.99 $ with a contract of 1 year.

"The BlackBerry Curve 8310 brings personal productivity and flexibility to a whole new level," said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at Research In Motion. "The built-in GPS and mapping capabilities add another incredibly useful dimension to the smartphone that users quickly appreciate."


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Bell has just announced the availability of the HTC 5800 for his customers. It is about a device which resembles much the HTC S720 de Telus. The HTC 5800 of Bell includes a numerical camera of 2.0 mega pixels, a Bluetooth connection and functions under the mobile operating system of Microsoft, Windows Mobile 6 Standard. It is simpler and lighter than the HTC 6800, but includes less option like Wifi.

Microsoft? Windows Mobile? 6.0 Standard
Microsoft? Word, Excel?, PowerPoint? and Outlook? Mobile
Internet Explorer Mobile
Windows Live?
Auto-sliding QWERTY keyboard
5-way navigation control
2.0 Digital camera and camcorder
Microsoft? Windows Media? Player Mobile
Expandable MicroSD memory card
Stereo headset
64MB SDRAM/128MB Flash ROM
103.5 x 51mm x 19 mm
138g with battery
2.4" TFT LCD display

It is available for 149.99 $ with a contract of 3ans at Bell or for 449.99 without contract.


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LG and Marvell, which repurchased the mobile division of the processors of Intel XScale, jointly announced a device under Windows Mobile available only in South Korea. It will use so known processor PA320 under the name of Monahans code. It will use the mobile network of 4th WiBro generation and technology Digital Multimedia Brodcasting (DMB) for mobile numerical television. No date of launching specifies was announced thus that no price.


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Here the next valve device of Nokia 6555 which seems much finer than the other Nokia devices of this type. It contains obviously a Bluetooth connection and a numerical camera. Only 30 megs are available for the memory user, but a slit microSD to add additional memory. It seems that he will be available in his version CDMA and another version GSM quadribande. It should be on sale the next month in Europe for surroundings 200 euros.


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Telus is the first Canadian mobile operator to offer Palm Treo 755p to its customers. It was also awaited at Bell, but it seems that Telus preceded Bell. To point out Palm Treo 755p which turns under Palm OS offers also a numerical camera of 1.3 mega-pixels and a Bluetooth connection. It is from now on available in all the stores Telus and in line on to the price of 299.99 $ with a 3 year old contract or 549.99 $ without contract.


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Samsung announced that within the framework of its partnership with Helio, Helio would offer to its customers Samsung Fin. IT is about another device of third generation offered at Helio. It has a numerical camera of 3 mega pixels which makes it possible to send its videos directly on its YouTube account. With HelioUp, software installed on the Samsung Fin, which makes it possible to use functions GPS, it is possible to register the place where the photo one was taken and of the direct envoy on Flikr. It is available for 175 $ after the postal reduction of 50 $.


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Nokia has just announced the official availability of Nokia 5200 an ideal telephone for the young people connected. It integrates a reader mp3 and radio operator FM. It also has a numerical camera and a Bluetooth connection. It also makes it possible to use a microSD card 2gig. It will cost of them you 25 $ with a 3 year old contract at Fido.


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