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Telus will begin pre-loading their BlackBerry devices with the Yellow Pages application, which helps users find individuals or business by category, name, location, and more. The application will come pre-installed on all BlackBerry handsets sold from now on, and Telus customers will also get access to a special "concierge" service, which will connect you to a Telus 411 agent who can provide additional information such as directions and accommodations available in the area.


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Rogers have officially release the BlackBerry Bold 9000 in Canada. The Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9000 is the first Blackberry to use HSPA (3.6 Mbps) for transfer email and loading web page faster. This device also includes a built-in GPS, a WiFi G connection and a 2.0 mega pixels camera. The Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9000 has a 1G built-in memory and a microSD SD slot for memory card. The screen of the Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9000 is also very nice with 480x320 of resolution.


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After several information that have been circulating on the Internet, especially among Engadget and it is proven true, here this morning that Rogers and RIM announced the releases of BlackBerry Pearl 8110. The Pearl 8110 camera has a 2.0 mega pixels, a global positioning system and support the downloading of music via the Rogers Music Store. It also includes the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to monitor his BlackBerry. A microSD memory card to 1gig is also provided with the device. It is available at a price of 249.99$ with a contract for voice and data 3 years at Rogers.

"As the leading wireless carrier in Canada, Rogers is thrilled to offer the BlackBerry Pearl 8110," said John Boynton, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Wireless. "When we first launched the original BlackBerry Pearl in October 2006, it instantly became one of our most popular devices. We have a history of bringing best-in-class handsets as a Canadian first and the new BlackBerry Pearl 8110 is the perfect example with its enhanced functionality, sleek interface and brand new colour."

"Built-in GPS adds another powerful and practical dimension to the user experience," said Mark Guibert, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Research In Motion. "The new BlackBerry Pearl 8110, with its stylish design and impressive communications, multimedia and navigation capabilities, is an exceptional smartphone for both business and personal use."


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The Web site of Rogers still revealed information on the next devices by error. It is on the Web site of Rogers who allows downloading plays for your cellular device which gives the possibility of downloading plays for the HTC Kaiser, Nokia 6080, the RAZR 2 V9 and the Moto Q9. Rogers did not confirm absolutely anything, but one can think that the big brother of the HTC TyTn the HTC Kaiser is soon available to Canada. Soon is a very relative word since Kaiser was really not awaited also quickly.


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HP Canada comes, to announce to be the new sleeping partner in title of the business districts, to settle in the living rooms of Air Canada. The section reserved for the businesses in the living rooms of maple leaf will be called now ?Districts Hewlett-Packard business?. ?The living rooms of maple leaf of Air Canada, which gained many prices, offer an environment private and accessible to our important customers, our living rooms are conceived to ensure of the calm, resting and productive moments before the loading. The equipment and technology available to Districts Hewlett-Packard the business constitute an ideal choice for people of businesses which need an access to an effective workspace when they travel. ? Declares Charles D. McKee, vice-president of marketing, Air Canada. A Wifi connection will make it possible at least 200 travellers simultaneously to be able to print documents quickly and simply. HP should finish establishing its technologies

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The mobile software offered by Yahoo is now available to the remote loading for the users of device HTC. The continuation, software Yahoo Go 2.0, makes it possible to use several services online offered by Yahoo, but of a manner much plain, Yahoo Mail for example belonged to the pack Yahoo GO 2.0. If you have a machine HTC you have only to return to you with your device on and to download the file .cab. The instructions are very plain then to install Yahoo Go 2.0.

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Now very popular and very famous comic strips ?the Heads with opera hats? are now available to the remote loading at Telus. Bell Mobility had exclusiveness to distribute to these subscribers the contents of the Heads with opera hats. Without any press release (as with its practice) Telus to be sent, a message text all these subscribed and created a special section on their Web site. Certain scandalmongers say that Telus did not publish any official statement and did not make any noise of this innovation because its ringing are intended to the French-speaking users since the heads with opera hats are exclusively in French. One speaks about a price from approximately 3.50 $ by ringing what is relatively very expensive, but for the fanatics the price is often secondary. Here the section official of the site of T?lus.


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Virgin Mobile the USA announced jointly with Yahoo! that mobile software of Yahoo! will be integrated into cellular sold by Virgin. Virgin Mobile the USA is regarded as the largest virtual operator in the United States. (The Canadian subsidiary company of Virgin is also the largest virtual operator in Canada.) Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Email will be the first with being integrated into cellular Virgin and a section of remote loading of the Yahoo! software will be also integrated in the telephones.

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It is Germany T-Mobile which seems to be the first operator to be offered most impressive of the last HTC revealed in the carding brush of the 3GSM. For 750Euro (1200 $ Canadian approximately), you will not be bound by contract with T-Mobile if not with a contract of 2ans it will cost you 650 $ of them (Canadian). As regards the contracts, it is interesting to compare the prices with here, T-Mobile offers for 60 $ 5G (yes gigs) of band-width on its cellular network high speed (HSDPA) per month and 200 hours of accesses to its very many Wifi Hot-Spot. Here one can pay approximately 100 $ for 200meg of remote loading (generally even if the Operators announce High Speed it is very very slow) and approximately 10 $ by 1 meg additional. In conclusion, in addition to having superb apparatus T-Mobile Germany has solids offers compared with Rogers.


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Apple is accustomed to like many large data-processing companies making at their head and listening to only their opinion. The originator of the iPhone wanted from of nothing to escape this tradition. Cingular will not have indeed practically any control on the contents of the apparatus. Normally a cellular telephone once chosen by a cellular operator and then conveyed in a department of the operator to be put at the color of the operator. For example, navigator Internet, ringing, screen of day before, remote loading of song on the gate of the operator. But Wall Street Journal teaches us that the navigator Web of the iPhone is Safari and that its system of operation will be OS X. the leaders of Cingular will not have seen the apparatus only a few days before launching in Macworld Expo 2007 a few weeks ago. One can easily thought that it will be the same for Rogers in Canada.


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