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Sirius announced last week have topped the 500,000 customers in Canada. This is a first in Canadian satellite radio industries because Sirius is the first company to reach that number of customers. Sirius is also pleased to announce that 100,000 new vehicles have come out factory with a Sirius radio already installed, which has surely contributed in large part to reach 500,000 customers. Sirius is also 82% of the Canadian market, citing statistics released by the NPD Group. Remember that there are only two satellite radio companies in Canada, Sirius and XM.

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Sirius finally announced its first device which makes it possible to look at the satellite TV everywhere without problem. One remembers that Sirius had announced to have concluded a partnership with Chrysler to install some in certain caravans in option for approximately 500 $. The SCV1 also makes it possible to listen to the radio operator satellite and it is compatible with the radio operators FM to retransmit the sound in your wireless car. The big problem of this type of device for the moment it is that there are only some chains available, like those of Disney for child. It will be available for 300 $ American this autumn.

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Sirius the USA launched Stiletto 2 to the United States. It is about a reader MP3 who has an integrated memory which makes it possible to store 100 hours of radio operator satellite, but which uses a card microSD as external medium. But Stiletto has also a Wifi connection which makes it possible to use Internet to download music via your fixed price Sirius Internet Premium. It will be available in October and will cost approximately 349.99 $ in addition to the subscription Sirius Radio.


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Bell has just announced the launching of the Samsung u740 which makes it possible to send very easily messages texts for a device of this type. Samsung U740 has two hinges which open in portrait mode for the phone calls and in landscape mode to write messages texts using its keyboard QWERTY. Samsung U740 makes it possible to use the network without wire high speed of Bell who is fastest in Canada according to Bell. Since it uses this network without wire, Samsung U740 makes it possible to use the services with the card of Bell like the radio operator Sirius satellite, the Cinema, Television and obviously Internet, which is unfortunately not the case of all the devices. It is available immediately for 149.99 $ with a contract from 3ans or 379.99 $ without contract.


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Sirius now will offer to subscribe of Bell mobility to listen to his stations of music without commercial pause. The option which will be offered of exclusiveness by Bell will cost 8 $ per month and will make it possible to listen to approximately a score of stations. This service is not accessible on all the apparatuses from Bell, but only to the devices known as multimedia. By multi-media, one understands the devices review from here a few days. One can also think of the LG Fusic, Samsung m610 and the Samsung a900 that we have already test.

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DaimlerChrysler announced in Detroit that 2008 will be the year of the launching of the Satellite TV in its mini caravans. An agreement with Sirius will make it possible to offer 3 television sets for child (Nickeloden, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network). This service offered by Sirius will be exclusive in DaimlerChrysler and then Sirius will offer it to its partners. The whole will cost 470 $ American and include the receiver of radio operator satellite, the video equipment and 1 year of service. Then, it will cost of them you 12 $ per month for Sirius and 7 $ by chains of TV.

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Mazda will equip all its next vehicles with a radio operator Sirius satellite. The apparatus will be installed in factory, it will be functional as of its exit of the factory. ?We are magic to announce this partnership and to offer our range of 110 stations of prestige to the new customers of Mazda?, affirms Mark Redmond, president and chief of the direction, SIRIUS Canada Inc. ?Now, the drivers can increase the pleasure of leading thanks to the clear sound and Net of quality CD of SIRIUS Satellite Radio, by their radio of Mazda car. ? declares Don Romano, president, Mazda Canada Inc.

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The Canadians will be able to listen to the diffusion of Super Bowl XLI on their radio operator Sirius satellite. Several stations will be available and, even in several languages, here is the list.
- Indianapolis Colts team broadcast - channel 125
- Chicago Bears team broadcast - channel 123
- Westwood One/CBS Radio Sports broadcast - channel 124
- Westwood One Spanish broadcast (Espangol - Amerique du Sud) - channel 181
- Canal + Spain broadcast (Espagnol) - channel 147
- NTV + Russia broadcast (Russe) - channel 143
- France 2 broadcast (Francais) - channel 110
- NHK Japan broadcast (Japonais) - channel 107
- SMG broadcast (Chinois Mandarin) - channel 119
- ARD broadcast (Allemand) - channel 130

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Telus and XM Radio, satellite radio competitor Sirius offered a new service exclusive to Telus Mobility subscribers who own LG 8100 or Samsung A950. A score of radio, in English only, will be offered to subscribers. Including: Bluesville, BPM, Chrome, Ethel, Flight 26, Fred, High Voltage, RAW, Real Jazz, Soul Street, Suite 62, The City, The Joint, The Rhyme, The Verge, Top 20 on 20, Top Tracks, U.S. Country, XM Comedy and XM Pops. Pity that this offer is not available on devices like the BlackBerry is changing or Pocket PC. This service is still expensive, unless you already subscribe to the SPARK 25 package, you must pay $ 25 per month, in contrast to $ 15 for all radio stations with a conventional XM.

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The Sirius Satellite Radio has to follow the example of Infinity Broadcasting, which announced the arrival of its string of "podcasting" in its offer. The next 148 will be hosted by none other than Adam Curry, who is the father of this concept.

mobilite pocketpc pocket pda telus fido windowsmobile laptop wifi wimax bell mobilite bluetooth tablet pc cellulaire rogers