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Several rumours circulate on the forums, which treat mobile technologies, with the effect that Telus would be on the point of offering the HTC Iris and the HTC Polaris has its customers. For a few months Telus has offered already signed devices HTC, and it would seem that the sales are enough surprising and Telus would like to offer some more. The HTC Iris is the successor, but nevertheless rather different, of the HTC s610 which is already offered at Rogers. According to information's which circulates, P3050 would be the HTC Polaris which will be offered, that some time before the HTC S640 which will be him available to September. Verizon and Sprint which launches the Motor bike Q one also can wonders whether Telus will offer the Moto Q9m has its customers. Here the HTC Iris:


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The FCC finally approved the sale of the HTC Iris S640 in the United States. It is about a Smartphone of medium of range which uses network CDMA as cellular network. The HTC Iris includes also a Wifi connection like another Bluetooth connection. A screen of 320x240 is also present on Smartphone and a camera of 2.0 megas pixels. It should use Windows Mobile 6 Standard. Perhaps we in Canada at Telus or Bell will see it soon here.


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Indeed after an Irish climber is climbing the Evrest IPAQ accompany her, now here are 2 Nintendo DS to accompany their adventure in 2 climbers. According to reports, the 2 machines are very well behaved face temperature extremes.

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