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The future Wi-Fi network in joint venture Radioactif and Nomade Telecom would severely delayed and will not be available as planned for September. In an interview given by the president of the Nomade Telecom to the Quebec website Branchez-Vous, "Luc Picard said routers which are scheduled to arrive from Europe by one or two weeks and will take at least three weeks to be installed. Problems for installation are also reported because it is not easy to find a good roof to install the wireless equipment. According to Branchez-Vous, the first step will be limited to the main streets of the Plateau Mont-Royal (St-Denis Street). Radioactif and Nomade Telecom will focus on the rest in the city of Montreal in installing antennas on lampposts of the Montreal city. According to Luc Picard, the city of Montreal would be open to the project, but negotiations are still quite long. To recall, this network will use Wimax technology to connect WiFi routers between them and distribute them to the internet anywhere on the island of Montreal (when router are install). They make use of Wimax technology helps eliminate the cables between Wifi routers.

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Updates which were withdrawn from the Web site of Palm since the update in question caused problems also the finished installation. According to Verizon it would be simply about too keen demand of only one blow which would have made plant the waiters. Several American Web sites, whose Brighthand, specialized in the mobile field, have another version. It would be particularly about the version under Palm OS which would create a problem of connection to the cellular network. An error of the type 300 would be posted on Plam, making it impossible to use. The touched customers have to only go in the Verizon store to nearest obtain a repair of their expensive devices.


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Wi-Fi Protected Setup, here is the name of this new certification optional. This certification is designed to simplify the installation of a WiFi network staff more easily. According to a recent survey 43% of wireless users finding it difficult to install such networks. (Wi-Fi Alliance / Kelton Research, 2006). This certification will be available to 250 members of the WiFi Alliance around September 2006. It is still surprising to see what kind of logo on our box since almost all router manufacturers offer their own easy installation (Wizard). Hope ...

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Bell Mobility announces being the first company in North America to offer its customers the option of messaging and security of Good Technology. That new service is available to customers with a Pocket PC or Palm Treo. No price was available, because this kind of service is reserved to companies and sold as a package.
- Intuitive user interface with robust on Treo smartphones and Palm wireless devices Windows (TM) Mobile
- Encrypting end of all data exchanged between server and device
- Two-way wireless synchronization functions Microsoft (R) Exchange and IBM Lotus (R) Domino (TM) between the device and the desktop to easily manage applications such as e-mail, contacts and calendar
- Ease of installation and upgrade Secure Over-the-Air (TM) to provide wireless devices other applications, productivity and safety, including the latest security software like antivirus and firewalls
- Proactive in scanning devices and management of policies to ensure that only devices pre - have access to the company network
- Manager of security and enterprise-class compliance, to verify and authenticate the mobile devices.

mobilite pocketpc pocket pda telus fido windowsmobile laptop wifi wimax bell mobilite bluetooth tablet pc cellulaire rogers