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Rogers have just announced few minutes ago, the final step in the Inukshuk network ( in partnered with Bell Sympatico) in many new city in Canada. This big wireless network (similar to cell phone network and not a real WiMax network) it?s build to use with the Rogers Portable Internet service. This service is a mobile modem without any wire connection for internet but use AC plug for electricity, ? very mobile, but the rate are very attractive for a boat, or a business man at hotel.

British Columbia : Penticton No. 1, Chilliwack, Kamloops, Kelowna, Tsinstikeptum No. 9, Tsinstikeptum No. 10 . Alberta : Blairmore, Calmar, Coleman, Mannville, Milk River, Mundare, New Sarepta, Warner, Lethbridge. Ontario : Ashton, Beckett's Landing, Kemptville, Cedar Ridge, Sierra Woods, Embrun, Russell, Enniskerry, John Quinn Sub, Huntley Manor Estates, Stittsville, Brechin, Cannington, Dunsford, Thurstonia, Grandview Beach, Midland, Port McNicoll, Victoria Harbour, Thornton, Washago, Country Club Estates, Kinburn, Marionville, Spring Hill, Vernon, Westmount Estates, Antrim, Deerwood Estates, Panmure, Dunrobin Shore, Maclaren's Landing. Quebec : Quyon, Neuville, Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-Nicolet, Drummondville, Joliette, Trois-Rivieres, Chicoutimi-Jonquiere. New Brunswick : Steeves Mountain.

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Nomade telecom, about information of Argent magazine, want give up the wireless Wi-Fi/ WiMax project in Montreal. Nomade telecom think, at this moment, the Wi-Fi is not a good solution for a wide coverage of Montreal and the price of a spectrum is too high. It?s sure with cell phone network and new technologies like WiMax the Wi-Fi is not a good idea for provide internet to home. But for Nomade Telecom, they want revaluate the Wi-Fi part of this project. Cleary forget this project in Montr?al.



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Of course, Now that it does not even talk of WiMax as in the United States, then it is understandable that Rogers is the first company in North America to test the generation 3.5. The tests were conducted in the cities of Montreal and Brampton, Ontario. We talk more specifically HSPA / UMTS that will allow speeds of 7.2 Mbps. Rogers says they had invested about $ 500 million since the last 2 years in its 3G cellular network.

"The consumer appetite for mobile applications is undeniable in Canada and around the world," said Rob Bruce, President, Rogers Wireless." The data speeds achieved in this trial will enable Rogers to meet our customers' needs with the most advanced, innovative services today and in the future."

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The future Wi-Fi network in joint venture Radioactif and Nomade Telecom would severely delayed and will not be available as planned for September. In an interview given by the president of the Nomade Telecom to the Quebec website Branchez-Vous, "Luc Picard said routers which are scheduled to arrive from Europe by one or two weeks and will take at least three weeks to be installed. Problems for installation are also reported because it is not easy to find a good roof to install the wireless equipment. According to Branchez-Vous, the first step will be limited to the main streets of the Plateau Mont-Royal (St-Denis Street). Radioactif and Nomade Telecom will focus on the rest in the city of Montreal in installing antennas on lampposts of the Montreal city. According to Luc Picard, the city of Montreal would be open to the project, but negotiations are still quite long. To recall, this network will use Wimax technology to connect WiFi routers between them and distribute them to the internet anywhere on the island of Montreal (when router are install). They make use of Wimax technology helps eliminate the cables between Wifi routers.

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Sprint announced its will to market Tablet Internet N800 of Nokia with a card without wire of 4th generation, WiMax. N800 of Nokia contains only one connection Wifi and a Bluetooth connection which makes it possible to use a cellular connection when no Wifi connection is available carried. It contains also a swiveling camera which makes it possible to be used like webcam and is sold approximately 400 $ American. Sprint which has started for several months created its WiMax network. It would like to use this Tablet Internet in order to convince to use its WiMax network.

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The companies Nomad Telecom and announced today that the first network WiFi and possibly WiMax will be available in September on the Mount-Royal Plate and 90% of Montr?alais out of 300 km square from here 2009. Several access points Wifi will be installed and connected between them with the WiMax network in order to extend the cover. The goal is to offer in the long term a service Internet High-Speed and of Mobile Telephony IP. ?For less than 30 $ per month, the residents of Montreal will have soon access to services Internet and of telephony IP without wire almost everywhere on the island, explains Daniel Robichaud, president of Radioactive also mentions that the flows without wire will be of approximately 5Mbps what would allow accuracy a use of the 2 services and which would exclude for the moment the IP TV.

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The virtual operator American Amp'd Mobile has just announced his entry on the Canadian market of the wireless telephony. Amp'd, which was already active in Canada with its alliances with Telus to offer multi-media contents on the cellular apparatuses sold at Telus. Amp'd will use the cellular network of Telus and will be sponsored by Telus. Several alliances are now concluded with actors Canadian and Qu?b?cois of which: MTV Canada, CBC, NHL, MusiquePlus, Musimax, Universal Music Canada, Warner Music Canada and others. We currently work on the development of the new section of our Web site relating to Amp'd.

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Cogeco Cable announced yesterday to have officially launched its network of access point Wifi. Free, for subscribed of its service High Speed the network counts approximately 150 access points only located in Ontario. ?Wi-Fi continues to gain in popularity, whereas more and more of people need a connection Internet to work, study or sail on the Fabric when they are in various places. We are proud to be the only major supplier to offer in his markets a service of additional Wi-Fi access without expenses to its customers, like element of their subscription to service IHV? indicated Ron Perrotta, vice-president, Marketing at Cogeco C?ble. Mr. Perrotta, rightly with half because for its information WiFi is already popular and will be exceeded also soon with the cellular chips included in certain portable computer and to arrive it next of WiMax. Still let us underline that this service is offered to the subscribers of Cogeco free what is nevertheless rather rare.

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Nortel, Kyocera and RunCom carried out first call MIMO (Multiple-output Multiple-input) using a new WiMax antenna. With this projection, the mobile services could become 3 to 5 times faster than the networks of third generations existing at present. In addition to offering an important band-width, this technology would offer also a protected access. ?This opening contributes to reinforce the position of leader of Nortel with technologies MIMO, which are at the origin of WiMAX and all the future solutions 4G?, declared Peter MacKinnon, directing WiMAX de Nortel. For recalled, Nortel signed a contract with Kyocera to make available of charts PCMCIA. One could see appearing, it is new product later this year.

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Sprint Nextel, Intel, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia will link their force to present the future applications which will allow the WiMax networks. One speaks about TV on WiMax, of a laptop including a chip Intel WiMax which will communicate with another person who will have a mobile apparatus WiMax. Two plays and of the contents multimedia will be also presented at the 3GSM 2007 of Barcelona.

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